Tuesday, February 24, 2009

well ladies and gentlemen

Its been nearly a month since my last post. Sorry to let you down, I've been caught up in the going ons of my life. Who has time to be me anyway, right?

Well lastnight I landed in broadripple with chad handing me martinis right and left. We left school and met Jason up at salon 6 to attend a hair workshop. I took a pink kiss for the road and happily left looking like a victorian princess. I was talking to some of the girls that work at the salon and they were planning on going to the same hair show in chicago I was planning to attend late march. I'm really excited for the hair show and even more excited about the number of times (and reasons for) I'll be in chicago in the next three months.

Speaking of hair shows, I recently won 2nd place for the hair competition to go to nationals in pennsylvania. I'll be sent as an allternate and will compete, if somehow (magically) Jeffery can't compete. I'm keeping my fingies crossed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

used up and drained

There was a train off in the distance
When I decided to stay
I'm not sure what I was thinking
Its never the same when you're away
Oh I hope you had your fun with her
You'll never stop paying for this
I told you I was fine and it was a lie
I was just too numb to feel anything
I can't find the words, I'm so sick
There's no way you could understand
I came this close to walking away
You only know how much you deserve that
Why can't I let go?
Why can't this just fall apart?