Sunday, August 31, 2008

birthday, wedding, hair

So, it was my birthday yesterday. Like always seemed to be no significant day in my year. Actually, this year was particularly extra lame. My dad scheduled his wedding on the same day as my birthday. So by default I was stuck at my dad's wedding and reception an entire state away on my birthday. The whole time I sat there during the wedding looking at my uncle and he kept looking at me and we would just laugh at everyone. Somehow in some sick way I knew exactly who he was going to laugh at next, but it was still funny. The few times that I was paying attention I would hear the words "god" or "christ" or something about being bonded by God. I wonder if they do have unreligious weddings that arent in vegas or assumed to be spur-of-the-moment. After all the way I see it I and my significant other would have brought ourselves together, not God. Am I wrong? Friday Jessi made me cupcakes for my bithday and brought them to class though, and that ruled. They were funfetti

In other news, my hair is officially three colors and totally fabulous.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

books, books, and more books

Tonight Nate took me out to sushi for my upcoming birthday, and it. was. delicious. Many strange delectables were ordered and enjoyed. My tummy was thoroughly happy and at the end of dinner I decided upon getting green tea ice-cream, as if this weren't enough to take in Nate proposed that I get it tempura. Thank you, Nathan. Best thing I've eaten since the little L.A. style bakery on Salem St. in Boston

Before Dinner though as I was getting in the car there was a huge golden bag waiting for me in the seat, matching my shoes and everything! Inside were 5 new books and Nate laughed and said he had seen my most recent blog post about all 9 of my new books. So what, now I have 14 new books to read. I'm a happy fucking girl. These delightful little reads are what got Nate reading again, including:

a clockwork orange
american psycho
lullaby (author of fightclub)
the alchemist

Also, tonight as I was getting home from class my old 8th grade math teacher, Mr. Welch, was on my big screen TV on vh1 for "Little Beauties Ultimate Showdown". He was with his 9 year old daughter who looks like she is 20. He was talking about prep for the pagents. It was quite wierd.. He always used to call me TX, which was also wierd.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

alternate ways of living

for those of you who are privileged enough to have my other blog address, please note that I will be updating my progression as a better person by baby steps quite frequently.

also picked up some new books yesterday:

three the hard way
100 simple secret to great relationships
the book of lost things
girls only
behind closed door
past secrets
be bad girl
love on a rotten day

I'm such a girl, but I'm planning on reading them all. Plus, Andy bought me the book "Napalm & Silly Putty" by George Carlin so I must read that too. Aloooooone time, here I come

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

graveyard shift

I love when my mom works 3rd shifts. I can call her right before bed and wake up to awesome emails like these:

Received using:
Message Status: Opened
Sent: Aug 26, 2008 2:56 AM
From: Christi Michaelson
Subject: Happy almost Birthday

Hi E. I know you will be in KY for your birthday but I want to plan a celebration the following Friday, 9/5 so keep it open. Give me some food suggestions if I were to cook you a special dinner and then a suggestion if we go out to eat. Not sure which one we will do. We also have a gift in mind but make some suggestions for that also.


Received using:
Message Status: Opened
Sent: Aug 26, 2008 3:07 AM
From: Christi Michaelson

I read your blog and I'm sorry I made you cry. I don't think I am right about what I said. Always be cautious and guard your heart. It's a precious thing!

I love you my dear sweet daughter.



Received using:
Message Status: Opened
Sent: Aug 26, 2008 4:14 AM
From: Christi Michaelson
Subject: how did you find such a cheap airline ticket

I just looked out of boredome and the cheapest flight I could find, round trip, from here to Baltimore is over $350.

You sure your ticket is round trip. One-way sounds more like it.

Lolol, I love my mom

Monday, August 25, 2008 wordle

Just discovered Wordle, via the amazing web.
Wordle creates beautiful tag clouds, with various font and color
options, from any text you supply (larger word size positively
correlates with higher frequency of word usage). Get your own!

Do not over use

Something other than lyrics to get into, these little sayings will be hopefully updated

1. Words like waves only have the power we grant them. They are many-layered things. Energy flows through all, but rests in none.

2. One wave cannot speak for the sea, any more than one feeling can make a woman, any more than one fall can break a man.

3. Stray thoughts that find homes usually overstay their welcome.

4. Water has the power to move objects, to reflect, and to cleanse, but little more. Have respect, but do not lend your power unduly, for she has no mind with which to wield it.

5. Sometimes when you're swept off your feet, it's because a rug has been pulled out from under you.

6. Everyone should date a crazy person or two and should also be the crazy person at least once. You learn a lot.

7. Feeling joy for others based on their criteria, not yours, is a skill you only learn by letting go of your bullshit. But learning to let go of that standard frees you up to enjoy a lot of things you suck at doing.

see you've got it all wrong

I didn't think that today was going to deliver, although I could still be wrong by leaps and bounds.

I'd like to make it known that as I am writing this blog sitting in my seat brittany goes "You seem so alone back here, bangs.." Apparently she likes my bangs and me "as a person". I have mastered the art of giving the appeal that I've been aiming for. The girl who doesn't like interuptions and is completely content doing anything by herself. The lonewolf

I'm going to spend money on pomegrante scented things today, and calm myself down

Sunday, August 24, 2008

nights like these

I sit here behind closed doors reminiscing about the previous days. Reliving every little moment to see any sign of emotion that could be used as a weapon, the taste of goodbye now turning into stale air and stomach acid. The wet corners of my eyes now becoming dry and hard to move. My fingers only moving hard enough to prove that I care, and every option in my mind being reviewed. Being picked, over-analyzed, and turned into a plan that will change within hours, or minutes even. My outer shell missing the same affection it received previous to this blackout. The sky is massive, I only hope that this headache wouldn't feel that big and that the source was not placed there. There is no sense in this matter, and no logic behind my reasoning. The words that flowed from her lips have me worried, and I can not help but think that maybe she's right.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I cut my hair, I think I kind of like it now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

love today

As I was sitting in class, for the first time I finished all of my projects early, so I sat there listening to my iPod and watching all the girls in my class around me scurrying trying to catch up with one another and perfect their manikins. Then upon thinking I realized that the people that are going to be getting most of my time are all so different from one another, although we are all there for the same reasons (to prepare for the same career) none of us are ANYTHING alike. There is a girl who is married to a fire fighter with two full sleeves and 2 daughters, a bisexual girl who was in prison in WV for 2 years, a girl who is a manager and lives in a studio amt downtown, a girl who owns her own hair and tanning salon, a girl who is a musician and the quietest person I've ever met, a girl who works at hooters and had her mom die from a stroke, a girl who was the captain of her cheerleading squad, and then there is me.. the girl.. into hardcore and art. I love it, i love the school, the people, the atmosphere, and most of all knowing that I'm going to be doing what I love in less than 2 years for a living.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Swamp thing/Letdown/War Hungry

The show last night was mostly funny more than anything. Starting with me getting out of class late because I stayed after to help Danielle catch up on points for class, she did my hair in these huge curls and did my make-up like I was going to prom. So then Mike and the rest of letdown show up at my house and I'm wearing a white t-shirt, grandpa khaki shorts, old vans, and from my neck up I probably look like a hooker or something. I proceed to make spaghetti, cake, and chai tea while we all watched the simpsons and family guy until we had to leave for the show. On the way there my hair was blowing all over the place so Bob gave me a hat to wear that said "I'm high on WEED CALIFORNIA" best hat ever. Also, Drew started telling me a story about when he was in elementary school and went to the bahamas and came back with braids in his hair and beads in his bangs in Jamacian colors, on a seperate occasion dressing up like levi strauss in a dunce cap and crying in front of the class giving a presentation. I almost pissed myself laughing

Before the show there was a van full of about 12-15 dudes with the heat on playing rave music and moshing, quite the sight LOL. During the show the sets were all pretty cool and were actually shortish, but the show did get started literally until 9. After the show we got free hot box pizzza and everyone made fun of the girl that owned the house because she was super drunk and were all telling her to have sex with a gay guy. I did not partake in this. On the way home I made Mike let me pick the songs and obvi they were all killers songs. I passed out watching blood diamond on the phone with Andy and everyone else fell asleep watching Joe Dirt hahahahah. I had to get up at 5 to nanny and let the dudes sleep and brought Shawn back over to my house around 9 and we played ps2 until everyone woke up. Then everyone started making fun of Shawn being a pervert and he totally went along with it saying things like "I'm coming", "I need you to help me out, Leann", "I'm going to finish last" while we were playing a motocross game (mind you this kid JUST turned 7). I t was so awkward after everyone left.

Monday, August 4, 2008

shark week is over

such a bum out

(click picture to enlarge)

in other news:

today was the first day of beauty college, it went swimmingly. No this isn't a pun on the fact that in the picture above I am suppose to be a shark. I had to cut hair the first day though and got the "not bad at all" after sweating to death wondering if I had done everything correctly and successfully mastered the 0 degree/ blunt cut. Oh and Shelby is in the same class as me and I had no idea, so siked. There are a few randoms that I would rather not have in the class, but for the most part all the girls are awesome and sooo funny

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mass Ave. first Friday, art galleries

Last night other than getting Cajun food and flicking with Jill, watching P2 and also Flakes (which is an incredible movie that everyone should watch, starring Zooey Deschanel) I went downtown to Massachusetts Ave for the first Friday art gallery showings.

They had pieces in the galleria anywhere from $500-a couple grand, but they were all really awesome though and I decided that I'm going to start painting again instead of just drawing. As in painting a lot, in any spare time that I get and only asking for painting supplies for my upcoming birthday

Warped Tour 2k8

Warped tour ended up being amazing, and for only 20$ tickets seeing against me! front row was worth just that and everything else was awesome on top of that.

When Paulina and I first got there we had already showed up an hour and a half late and searched for the line up and show times, in doing that we found ourselves waiting in line for a TROJAN brand condom (virtual) roller coaster. It ended up being hilarious, and air-conditioned. During the "ride" a ghost pig popped up and said something along the lines of "I'm immune to STDs" and the guy standing next to me directly responded with "I've used that one before." I laughed to hard that I almost pulled Paulina onto the ground with me.. As we left they handed out free condoms. Ultra thin and ribbed ones, that were honestly big enough to fit over my head. Later Paulz and I blew balloons in her car with them and took 1,000 pictures

Top 3 sets of the day

Then we proceeded afterwards to see the Bronx, and I love the Bronx a lot, in case you didn't know. I was so siked and revved up on tangerine monster, I'm pretty suree that Jared thought I was crazy, he waved at me anyways. During the set though some girl in an alkaline trio shirt directly in front of me just passed out, it was nuts. I felt bad about wanting to keep watching the Bronx and getting into it, but I felt obligated to look over aside from the crowd and make sure she wasn't having convulsions or something. She ended up being fine, and by the ended of the set the vocalist was in the crowd and dumping beer on people's heads. It was a funny sight

Set Your Goals set was incredible, it was at the smartpunk stage and there was barely enough room for all the kids there to see them, I was in the pit backed against the railing wall that was put up to separate it from the rest of the crowd and I'm surprised that all of my toes are unbroken. It was a pretty long set and they did a good job with mixing up the songs, afterwards I went to the bridge nine tent to tell someone there that they did a good job and I got a free SYG poster, hah.

Against me!'s set was beautiful, too beautiful for words. It was like a music video come to life, I seriously couldn't catch my breath half the time and could feel my heart pounding off beat with the drums. I'm surprised that I didn't pass out. I stood front row the entire time screaming the lyrics. Best song of the day: I'm losing touch

After warped tour was over Levi, Chris and I were invited to the bbq after the show so we went and the line was massive so we flaked out of that and Levi apparently is friends with Jeremy from TDWP so we all just went back to the buses, luckily Paulina had a friend Johno who she was friends with from when she lived in Ft. Worth and he was there to let me use the restroom on his bus. Even though there was no toilet paper. We had a huge dance party of Sky eats Airplanes bus, and I made new friends from Bloomington, the sweetest girls ever, Sundown and Mia. At one point everyone was jumping up and down and Lee was flashing the lights on and off while we all listened to lil wayne. I never thought that many people could fit on one bus before..