Thursday, August 28, 2008

books, books, and more books

Tonight Nate took me out to sushi for my upcoming birthday, and it. was. delicious. Many strange delectables were ordered and enjoyed. My tummy was thoroughly happy and at the end of dinner I decided upon getting green tea ice-cream, as if this weren't enough to take in Nate proposed that I get it tempura. Thank you, Nathan. Best thing I've eaten since the little L.A. style bakery on Salem St. in Boston

Before Dinner though as I was getting in the car there was a huge golden bag waiting for me in the seat, matching my shoes and everything! Inside were 5 new books and Nate laughed and said he had seen my most recent blog post about all 9 of my new books. So what, now I have 14 new books to read. I'm a happy fucking girl. These delightful little reads are what got Nate reading again, including:

a clockwork orange
american psycho
lullaby (author of fightclub)
the alchemist

Also, tonight as I was getting home from class my old 8th grade math teacher, Mr. Welch, was on my big screen TV on vh1 for "Little Beauties Ultimate Showdown". He was with his 9 year old daughter who looks like she is 20. He was talking about prep for the pagents. It was quite wierd.. He always used to call me TX, which was also wierd.

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