Sunday, August 31, 2008

birthday, wedding, hair

So, it was my birthday yesterday. Like always seemed to be no significant day in my year. Actually, this year was particularly extra lame. My dad scheduled his wedding on the same day as my birthday. So by default I was stuck at my dad's wedding and reception an entire state away on my birthday. The whole time I sat there during the wedding looking at my uncle and he kept looking at me and we would just laugh at everyone. Somehow in some sick way I knew exactly who he was going to laugh at next, but it was still funny. The few times that I was paying attention I would hear the words "god" or "christ" or something about being bonded by God. I wonder if they do have unreligious weddings that arent in vegas or assumed to be spur-of-the-moment. After all the way I see it I and my significant other would have brought ourselves together, not God. Am I wrong? Friday Jessi made me cupcakes for my bithday and brought them to class though, and that ruled. They were funfetti

In other news, my hair is officially three colors and totally fabulous.

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