Tuesday, August 12, 2008

love today

As I was sitting in class, for the first time I finished all of my projects early, so I sat there listening to my iPod and watching all the girls in my class around me scurrying trying to catch up with one another and perfect their manikins. Then upon thinking I realized that the people that are going to be getting most of my time are all so different from one another, although we are all there for the same reasons (to prepare for the same career) none of us are ANYTHING alike. There is a girl who is married to a fire fighter with two full sleeves and 2 daughters, a bisexual girl who was in prison in WV for 2 years, a girl who is a manager and lives in a studio amt downtown, a girl who owns her own hair and tanning salon, a girl who is a musician and the quietest person I've ever met, a girl who works at hooters and had her mom die from a stroke, a girl who was the captain of her cheerleading squad, and then there is me.. the girl.. into hardcore and art. I love it, i love the school, the people, the atmosphere, and most of all knowing that I'm going to be doing what I love in less than 2 years for a living.

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