Saturday, August 2, 2008

Warped Tour 2k8

Warped tour ended up being amazing, and for only 20$ tickets seeing against me! front row was worth just that and everything else was awesome on top of that.

When Paulina and I first got there we had already showed up an hour and a half late and searched for the line up and show times, in doing that we found ourselves waiting in line for a TROJAN brand condom (virtual) roller coaster. It ended up being hilarious, and air-conditioned. During the "ride" a ghost pig popped up and said something along the lines of "I'm immune to STDs" and the guy standing next to me directly responded with "I've used that one before." I laughed to hard that I almost pulled Paulina onto the ground with me.. As we left they handed out free condoms. Ultra thin and ribbed ones, that were honestly big enough to fit over my head. Later Paulz and I blew balloons in her car with them and took 1,000 pictures

Top 3 sets of the day

Then we proceeded afterwards to see the Bronx, and I love the Bronx a lot, in case you didn't know. I was so siked and revved up on tangerine monster, I'm pretty suree that Jared thought I was crazy, he waved at me anyways. During the set though some girl in an alkaline trio shirt directly in front of me just passed out, it was nuts. I felt bad about wanting to keep watching the Bronx and getting into it, but I felt obligated to look over aside from the crowd and make sure she wasn't having convulsions or something. She ended up being fine, and by the ended of the set the vocalist was in the crowd and dumping beer on people's heads. It was a funny sight

Set Your Goals set was incredible, it was at the smartpunk stage and there was barely enough room for all the kids there to see them, I was in the pit backed against the railing wall that was put up to separate it from the rest of the crowd and I'm surprised that all of my toes are unbroken. It was a pretty long set and they did a good job with mixing up the songs, afterwards I went to the bridge nine tent to tell someone there that they did a good job and I got a free SYG poster, hah.

Against me!'s set was beautiful, too beautiful for words. It was like a music video come to life, I seriously couldn't catch my breath half the time and could feel my heart pounding off beat with the drums. I'm surprised that I didn't pass out. I stood front row the entire time screaming the lyrics. Best song of the day: I'm losing touch

After warped tour was over Levi, Chris and I were invited to the bbq after the show so we went and the line was massive so we flaked out of that and Levi apparently is friends with Jeremy from TDWP so we all just went back to the buses, luckily Paulina had a friend Johno who she was friends with from when she lived in Ft. Worth and he was there to let me use the restroom on his bus. Even though there was no toilet paper. We had a huge dance party of Sky eats Airplanes bus, and I made new friends from Bloomington, the sweetest girls ever, Sundown and Mia. At one point everyone was jumping up and down and Lee was flashing the lights on and off while we all listened to lil wayne. I never thought that many people could fit on one bus before..

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