Monday, September 29, 2008

why Andy is my boyfriend

Andy Norton: I have no idea how I'm going to stay up to study tonight
Andy Norton: I should be good now. I got a caramel maca cha cha from the bucks

Oh and because he has the spice girls on his iPod. Yeah, that too.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baltimore was pretty raAaAad

5 AM airport shuffle

What's up with all the "unattended belongings" announcements at the airport? I mean really? I would think with the excessive amount of airport security they would have better things to worry about.

Even the most secretive snake coming in on a "code orange" wouldn't make it out with much. Airports are too organized. Plus, who really brings anything important? I mean hell, I couldn't get away with bringing an unopened bottle of water this morning. Much less the snacks in my purse that I hoped to share with everyone near and dear around me.

I just feel uneasy about all the lethal lotions and atomic toothpastes floating around on board with the innocent citizens. It could be me with my 4 oz of volumizing conditioner, ready to attack! Or you with your toxic mint mouthwash. You just never know. So dangerous

Thursday, September 25, 2008

people in progress

I'm at the airport. Everybody is moving. Talking. Walking. And many other verbs. But mostly passive ones.

It's easy to tell whether people are coming or going. Whether they're starting out or ending up. If this is a voluntary movement or an obligation. Some try to sleep. Rub their temples. Socialize. Quietly die.

Airports are surprisingly calm when you think about it. Here cultures collide in a confusing ever-changing mess of departures and arrivals. And there is the element of fear. But everybody follows the rules. And keeps to themselves mostly. Driving isn't even this organized; relative to the amount of danger involved.

But I guess I shouldn't let it bother me. I'm just going to keep sitting and being a people watcher lurk against the wall. My layover flight to NY was flaked so I have another 2 hours to scope this place out for prisses and munks.

How exciting.

Monday, September 22, 2008

sleep txts

Apparently lastnight I was sleep texting a mass amount of people. Jason, paulina, nick, and a few others. I feel like such an idiot because I was making no sense and I vaguely remember these convos, but this was by far the funniest:

Ryan Groat: What kind of powers do u possess?
Leann Marie: Oh I'm a godess
Leann Marie: Don't you know???
Ryan Groat: O rly?
Leann Marie: Mhmm
Leann Marie: I don't like to talk about it
Leann Marie: Then everyone wants to be my friend for all the wrong reasons
Ryan Groat: Haha
Ryan Groat: I want to win the lottery?
Ryan Groat: Can u help me out?
Leann Marie: See, ryan
Leann Marie: Now that's what I'm talking about
Ryan Groat: I'm sorry
Ryan Groat: Ur powers don't mean anything to me then
Ryan Groat: ;)
Leann Marie: Hahah oh wuteviez
Leann Marie: You're a bad liar
Ryan Groat: Haha
Ryan Groat: Wuteviez
Ryan Groat: What's new in leannworld?

There was more but it was me talking about loving black people.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

funeral or fly

I guess I'll spread my wings, I'm coming home to you.

There is no polite way to go around avoiding a burial, or death. In all fairness, the way you live represents the outcome of people that surround you or remember you when you're gone. You begin to realize this around half way through your life. For those who don't realize this end up just like you. I'm sorry, truly sorry. I know it will be an empty room. I know there will be no tears. I know that for most people there it will be just one big attention party or freakish reunion. The fact that there was so much time between those days makes it all the more harder. You aren't that fresh in my head, actually you aren't even in my head. For some reason I never thought about this happening to you. You and reality just never seemed to cross paths in my head.

So I'm choosing to fly. I'm coming home to you

Thursday, September 18, 2008

skewl roolz

for the past wk nothing of significance has happened, just school and normal jazzz. School has been quite the muse though. Yesterday I put on this manikin head without a base and wore it around the school. I couldn't breathe or see out of it so Miranda cut nose holes for me, and I left the eyes alone. I managed to run into 2 walls and punch Diana in the face during a group photo. LOL I looked like such an asshole, and everyone in the freshman room has to think I'm out of my mind, except Jason and all the ladies in my class. He and Eric commented on its funniness.

Then today when my class was testing out in perms, like being timed and everything Lisa brings her class and 2 others in to karaoke. It was wild, Lisa was singing "dontcha" and grinding on EVERYONE. Like singling out dudes and singing to them. Funniest shit ever, I've never seen a woman over 35 dance like that. I love my school.

The new class of 2009 masscot:

Monday, September 15, 2008

an ode to the not so delicate flower

being girls we find it hard being pleased with every little thing, there are always things being lacked in every category, of every aspect of our lives. When we find that we're at that point of trying to fool ourselves and lie to our own faces. Well, that's when things start to get nasty. Being trapped in a 5x5 room could also bring out a similar circumstance with polar opposite reactions. Depending on the day. Although, what I'm really trying to say is touche' gg for pointing out the obvious and completely depressing me into oblivion. Furthermore, I would also like to state that living each day with something you can't live without is both draining and to be quite blunt fucking miserable

Sunday, September 14, 2008

life as i know it

100,000 times a day i think about someone who is 600 miles away

Thursday, September 11, 2008

sept 11

goodbye summer, hello autumn. Today is guppies last kickball game, I feel bad for not going to a single one of her games this season. Its just been hard with school and working every weekend. I cant wait to have free time. Atleast I'm going today, she's pitching. I cant wait

I got offered a killer job yesterday, commission on top of an already great pay, my phone bill is covered, and I am the only girl working in the company in all of Indy. I think I'm going to take it. I also am on the student council at school, were voting for officers on Monday. No school tomorrow so all the girls are having a day out, and by day out I mean hittting up the spa, cupcakes, chick flicks, and best of all Danielle's bachelorette party tomorrow night. This should be quite interesting

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

nature is lovely

Directly behind my deck there is this "baby" evergreen tree. There are all these little things (circled in red) that LOOK like pine cones but are actually cocoons. My mom thought it strange that out tree was sprouting little pine cones at the end of summer and then saw them moving back and forth, which I witnessed as well. Its a pretty awesome thing, our tree is seriously COVERED. I just had to zoom in on a specific section for you to even be able to see them at all

Friday, September 5, 2008

crime in stereo, and other beautiful things

well last night I went to see crime in stereo, I actually decided the day before that I was going to see them, but I'm glad that I did. The actual venue (the launching pad) was an awesome venue I only it weren't in Muncie, IN. I got to see Dillon, who I haven't seen in like a year, and Mikey (photoed, my fav lil faggot) is in town and decided to go to the show too. CIS had an awesome set though, those guys put on such a good show. I dont remember the complete set but I know they started out with slow math, such a good choice. My favorite songs were easily abre los ojos and small skeletal though. Fake problems were amazing. Kali and I both stood there smiling, their music seriously made me ridiculously happy for some reason

As for other awesome stuff we had a cook out at school and Miranda brought in a special veggie platter for me since I couldn't eat anything they were grilling and it was so fresh. I usually dont back veggie trays cos they tend to be gross, but this was incredible. I also tried baked mac and cheese for the first time, I'm eating this on the regular now. We had water balloon and egg tosses during the day and right before I did mine I screamed "I get wet!", needless to say I didnt get wet and Katie and I didnt win the contest. I get facials with seabreeze like everyother day now from Katie too. I love it so much.

Today my mom came in and now she is no longer a platinum blonde and is officially a 7m, she took me out to lunch afterwards because even at a beauty school all the free things she got would have costed around $45 there and hundereds in a salon. I'm so proud of myself, she looks like a totally different person

Monday, September 1, 2008

deja vu

I do like to take an interest in the world around me and the going ons, sometimes its just hard with my busy life. I am aware of the torch relay and people dying in riots, and the fears of a new cold war between Georgia and Russia, I just never have the time to sit down and listen to the speeches that the candidates running for election make, even though its probably a priority I should make. Although with all of the fuss about hurricane Gustav, it's bringing in some familiar feelings relative to hurricane Katrina. The majority is due to the fact that if tomorrow the actual hurricane touches the tip of FL then it will be exactly 3 years to the date. Hurricane Katrina touched down in New Orleans on September 2nd, 2005, how ironic would it be if Gustav touched down the same day three years later. I inevitably was birthed right in the middle of hurricane season, I'm guessing this is a bad thing. The way it stands right now, with the gas prices seemingly high if any damage is done in FL all of the gas prices for states south of IN are going to be seeing those rise even more, and if any damage is done around TX or a little east of TX then IN and surrounding states will be seeing the same outcome..

I remember when hurricane Katrina hit my dad called me crying, it was the first time that I heard him truly crying and didn't know what to do. He had lived about 20 miles outside of New Orleans around the time and was forced out of his home, he called me during the aftermath, when he was aloud to go back and gather up what he could. He was 16 miles away from New Orleans and said that he could barely take the smell of it. He said the lingering smell of dead bodies and food that had gone bad was just overwhelming. There were dead alligators and other animals on the sides of the road and he went into the city and witnessed something he said that he would never forget. There were people sleeping in cots and on the ground of a wasteland, eating garbage, and looked like savages. The death toll from 3 months after the hurricane was 1300, and more bodies are being found all the time.

The New Orleans Saints are currently residing here in Indianapolis practicing since their game was canceled due to the bad weather. I hate to see people having to flee from their homes again and being packed onto buses, shoulder to shoulder, and not know where they are being sent off to. It sad stuff.