Thursday, September 18, 2008

skewl roolz

for the past wk nothing of significance has happened, just school and normal jazzz. School has been quite the muse though. Yesterday I put on this manikin head without a base and wore it around the school. I couldn't breathe or see out of it so Miranda cut nose holes for me, and I left the eyes alone. I managed to run into 2 walls and punch Diana in the face during a group photo. LOL I looked like such an asshole, and everyone in the freshman room has to think I'm out of my mind, except Jason and all the ladies in my class. He and Eric commented on its funniness.

Then today when my class was testing out in perms, like being timed and everything Lisa brings her class and 2 others in to karaoke. It was wild, Lisa was singing "dontcha" and grinding on EVERYONE. Like singling out dudes and singing to them. Funniest shit ever, I've never seen a woman over 35 dance like that. I love my school.

The new class of 2009 masscot:

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