Sunday, September 28, 2008

5 AM airport shuffle

What's up with all the "unattended belongings" announcements at the airport? I mean really? I would think with the excessive amount of airport security they would have better things to worry about.

Even the most secretive snake coming in on a "code orange" wouldn't make it out with much. Airports are too organized. Plus, who really brings anything important? I mean hell, I couldn't get away with bringing an unopened bottle of water this morning. Much less the snacks in my purse that I hoped to share with everyone near and dear around me.

I just feel uneasy about all the lethal lotions and atomic toothpastes floating around on board with the innocent citizens. It could be me with my 4 oz of volumizing conditioner, ready to attack! Or you with your toxic mint mouthwash. You just never know. So dangerous

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