Friday, September 5, 2008

crime in stereo, and other beautiful things

well last night I went to see crime in stereo, I actually decided the day before that I was going to see them, but I'm glad that I did. The actual venue (the launching pad) was an awesome venue I only it weren't in Muncie, IN. I got to see Dillon, who I haven't seen in like a year, and Mikey (photoed, my fav lil faggot) is in town and decided to go to the show too. CIS had an awesome set though, those guys put on such a good show. I dont remember the complete set but I know they started out with slow math, such a good choice. My favorite songs were easily abre los ojos and small skeletal though. Fake problems were amazing. Kali and I both stood there smiling, their music seriously made me ridiculously happy for some reason

As for other awesome stuff we had a cook out at school and Miranda brought in a special veggie platter for me since I couldn't eat anything they were grilling and it was so fresh. I usually dont back veggie trays cos they tend to be gross, but this was incredible. I also tried baked mac and cheese for the first time, I'm eating this on the regular now. We had water balloon and egg tosses during the day and right before I did mine I screamed "I get wet!", needless to say I didnt get wet and Katie and I didnt win the contest. I get facials with seabreeze like everyother day now from Katie too. I love it so much.

Today my mom came in and now she is no longer a platinum blonde and is officially a 7m, she took me out to lunch afterwards because even at a beauty school all the free things she got would have costed around $45 there and hundereds in a salon. I'm so proud of myself, she looks like a totally different person


Mike said...

they played bicycles first. they didnt play slow math.

Leann Marie said...

oppsi, i could have sworn...

oh wellllllll