Thursday, October 30, 2008

a few points i feel like making

I love beauty school, everything about it. Its way harder than I thought it was going to be, but what the hell isn't. I feel so at home when I'm here.

I'm sick of the "hi, how are you" conversations. I want to have real conversations, with real people, about real things. I mean I do I honestly give a fuck how you're doing? I legit care about how maybe 5 people are "doing" on this earth..

Gas prices are perfect right now. My gas light came on this morning on the way to class and so I filled up for 18 dollars. In the entirety of the time I've been driving never have I been able to fill up on 18 dollars. At 1.99 a gallon. Just wow. I'm not siked about them going back up after nov. 2nd

Halloween this year will be amazing. Every other year up until this one I've been cutesy or funny. This year I'm doing sexy, and I'm going all out. Partiez this year will be crazy..

Everything about this election is pissing me off. All the emails I wake up to in the morning, all the political talk and repeating myself. I'm just going back to my passive aggressive self and putting Miss assertive on the back burner.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

best quotes of the day

Setting- facial hour, quiet room except few ladies talking

Amanda: OoOoh El just opened a can of worms!
Jessi: I like gummi worms..
Me: hahahahahaha

Setting- lunch, driving with Nate

Nathan: So Jonathan Davis sucks. Like a lot. He's a fag.
Me: I have no idea who that is..
Nathan: the singer of korn, he's such a tool.
Me: of course he is..
Nathan: no, I mean like really.. He made up his own rap song. Its the worst thing I've ever heard. I'm going to buy the song just so I can listen to it with everyone I know and make fun of him.
Me: hahahahahahah
Nathan: yeah, the worst part.. He calls himself "Mr. Make it rain"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i love you. you know who you are.

I must admit as standoffish as I was about being friends with you a few years ago I regret not taking the chance now. Tonight, as many times as my eyes teared up and any song that I chose to listen to you managed to keep my mood solid and my words flowing. Just the fact that no one else knows about me, knows about where I come from, and the reasons that I believe in the things that I do. You know, because you've been there. I hate reliving my childhood and all the things I went through, but you make it all seem okay. Real conversations are what I live for a I just had the conversation of my life. Even the people who cared couldn't reach out like that. Thank you for relating, thank you for listening. Thank you for making me realize.

They don't know about being low like we do..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

wall street journal

Well I received a call yesterday, it was a woman from cbs for the wall street journal. I had a half an hour interview, but it was hilarious because I realized how funny my political views actually are and I actually got the lady interviewing me to laugh and start agreeing by saying "totally." and "I agree." Which I think this was against her rules and policy, but wuteviez.

So I'm on my way back from PA right now. It was a nice break from Indiana (not that breaks from Indiana aren't nice, they always are.) We went to falling waters by Frank L. Wright, fright farm and some record release for a stoopz band, and a party at the ivory ballroom yesterday. Afterwards I went shopping and managed to get more clothes that I totally didn't need.

Trash talk tonight, should be a wild time. As always.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

everything i need, nothing i want

In retrospect as dramatic and slowly and today moved the talk between DiDi and I is still in my head. I like elaborating on things that seem important to me and anytime that I have even a relatively deep conversation with someone I replay it over and over in my head.

Today we were talking about how you can trust no one, and how were both 5 steps ahead of the game, maturity wise, and how were not stupid. Both of us are alike in the sense that we can see right through fake people and don't take any bullshit. I might act stupid, and I might act like I have no clue, the thing is though I always do know. It got me thinking that there are only a few people that I sincerely trust. That I could tell secretive things to, that I could leave my purse around, that I could even trust to put effort into a friendship. I'm completely content to that. The thing about this is that there are three reasons that I may befriend someone: A) because they have similar interests or beliefs B) because they're attractive (not looks) and nice at the same time with no drama (this is rare) C) because they can have a good time or conversations with me. Generally I try to have all three of these in a friend which makes it difficult to have an obscene amount of friends. DiDi and I are exactly the same in this sense which just makes me love her more.

I don't hold myself on some holy pedestal by any means. I just can only hope that my expectations never fade. It seems to be working for me.

lol at the debate

Jesus christ, if I were a mccain supporter after his performance lastnight I just wouldn't vote at all.. He's ridiculous, obama atleast talks about what needs to happen and the change that needs to be made. Mccain just takes what obama says and when its his turn to speaks he thrashes it and rips it apart. He's so negative. Obama absolutely killed on his healthcare speech lastnight, I was impressed upon being impressed with him generally.

I just remember mccain rarely making sense at all, and frequently changing the subject completely. Once was from fuel efficient cars to making a reference about obama and terrorists, and another from womans unfair pay to children with autism and being prolife. Seriously man, what the fuck? He's loosing his mind. He was just awkwardly emotional and agressive lastnight. He wouldn't handle the debate professionally lastnight like obama, he acted like a child. Blinking everytime he got nervous and interupting obama enough for even a tasteless persons taste.

I am actually fed up with this. I'm moving to canada where there is peace and killer environment. See you all on videochat from montreal.

Winners for the most hilarious txts during the debate:

"You heard Obama got the homeless vote right?" -John Fields

"Damn whitey got no manners!" -Nate Stevens

"My mom just said that old man looks like he got surgery on his face, and why can't he move his neck?" -Edwin Veguilla

"What if obama and the cbs news guy held mccain down and ripped off his clothes and he had a tattoo of a black baby hanging in a noose" -Mike Steinborn

"Imagine if for the next question, mccain just paused and went "uh... Uh.... ID ELIMINATE NASA" -Mikey Steinborn

Sunday, October 12, 2008

far away from here

i need to eat.
i need to sleep.
i need to live.
i need to take.
i need to give.
i need to inhale.
i need to view.
i need to repeat.
i need to smile.
i need to hate.
i need to stop.
i need to wade.
i need to swallow.
i need to pester.
i need to touch.
i need to scatter.
i need to fall.
i need to yell.
i need to shop.
i need to taste.
i need to travel.
i need to bundle.
i need to sing.
i need to appreciate.
i need to blunder.
i need to paint.
i need to swell.
i need to learn.
i need to respect.
i need to shove.
i need to chill.
i need to read.
i need to write.
i need to rage.
i need to feel.
i need to express.
i need to leave.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Intial thoughts on the debate

At first I was really not into the debate at all, there wasn't anything entertaining really being said, just two guys bragging. McCain bragging a significant amount more than Obama. Although, there were a few things said that made me laugh.. my favorite being: "..while he was cheerleading the president into war.." made by Barrack Obama. I loled

I was having txt seshes with people about the debate, but I just kept getting pissed the entire time and wouldnt be able to understand McCain half the time because he's so old and doesnt really make THAT much sense anymore. He looked at Obama once, trying to diss his about something and said "I have bad news for you, Mister Obama.. this is a bad news" when he meant to say "the economy is bad" or something like that. I must say that Obama killed with his healthcare speech. So nice, and McCain basically knew that he lost lastnight.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Ben Nichols of Lucero
Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music
Tim Barry of Avail

Lastnight was so amazing, even for showing up an hour and a half late because of work. I walked in just in time to hear Ben Nichols playing slow dancing and it was perfect. I asked Brandon as soon as I got there is he had played hold fast. He had not. Then I stood there hoping with everything inside myself that it would be one of the last two songs he played. It was not.

Then just seeing Chuck Ragan's full was simply incredible, I mean he had 2 instruments on his body throughout the whole set, and he had special guests come up to help him the whole time. I was a beautiful set. I called numerous people during bloody shell to let them listen and because it was my favorite song the entire set. I kind of didnt want it to end.

Then at the very end everyone got on stage and started playing together (apparently this is how it started, but I missed the begining). The first song they played was hold fast, and my night was completely made. Most surreal song live.

Then after the show I realized Chris was in town, which was a nice surprise. Also, that Tim and John were both nowhere to be found, which was not a nice surprise. On the way home I got a speeding ticket and am out another 150$ that I dooo not have. I almost want to say that the show was worth it..

Friday, October 3, 2008

don't mean to talk politics

It's just getting to be too much for me..Indiana's registration deadline is Monday, October 6th. You can help us reach our voter registration goal. We are 85% of the way there, with only three days left.Monday is the last day to register!

You can register here: VoteForChange. com as well as check your registration status, request an absentee ballot, and find your voting location or polling place.Every vote is important, and in three days it'll be too late for many voices to be heard on Election Day. Obama needs all the votes he can get, if you don't vote you'll just be a waste.

Let's make our 44th pres Barack Obama! McCain is old and moldy. Oh, and stupid. He graduated in the bottom 10 of his class. Obama, on the other hand, graduated from Harvard and isn't in this for the wrong reasons. McCain agrees with 90% of Bush's actions, if you're looking for change(the good kind) then helphelpehlp! Oh, and if you weren't watching the vp debates lastnight then you should probably check it below. Palin is a moron, and a hypocrite.

Sry, don't mean to rant.

Even as sure of herself as she seems, check her facts. Slander and lies and half the time she starts her rants sarcastically and smiles the while time Joe Biden is talking. Her accent sucks.Repost this if you're down

Thursday, October 2, 2008

covering all my bases

leannoftrades (11:35:11 PM): what im really trying to say is fuck palin
nickdaqwick (11:35:24 PM): omg
nickdaqwick (11:35:27 PM): soooo dumb
leannoftrades (11:35:40 PM): shes a contradicting bitch
leannoftrades (11:35:47 PM): with a stupid accent
nickdaqwick (11:35:55 PM): ughhh
leannoftrades (11:35:51 PM): i hate her
nickdaqwick (11:35:57 PM): i hate her
leannoftrades (11:35:57 PM): i love you lol
nickdaqwick (11:36:06 PM): : )
nickdaqwick (11:36:22 PM): she tip toed around every fucking question
leannoftrades (11:36:53 PM): i know
nickdaqwick (11:37:08 PM): listen bitch,
nickdaqwick (11:37:19 PM): alaska is lame
nickdaqwick (11:37:26 PM): your family is pathetic
nickdaqwick (11:37:35 PM): hockey is for pussies
nickdaqwick (11:37:42 PM): your daughters a whore
nickdaqwick (11:37:49 PM): and you need a new hair cut
leannoftrades (11:37:56 PM): lol amazing
leannoftrades (11:38:01 PM): she tried talking about knowing what its like about "sitting at home with the family and money problems"
leannoftrades (11:38:09 PM): yeah fucking right..
leannoftrades (11:38:28 PM): mccain has millions of dollars and the glasses on her face were like 1500 dollars
leannoftrades (11:38:30 PM): fuck her
nickdaqwick (11:38:46 PM): shes a fucking joke
leannoftrades (11:39:08 PM): she was talking about change, but mccain agrees with 90% of what bush says and does. its ridiculous
nickdaqwick (11:39:26 PM): yeah its horrible
leannoftrades (11:39:23 PM): america only wants her cos shes a beauty queen. i hate her
nickdaqwick (11:39:36 PM): and he's 2000 years old
nickdaqwick (11:39:50 PM): id rather fuck obama
nickdaqwick (11:39:55 PM): shes sexy
nickdaqwick (11:40:17 PM): and biden is jsut a smart dude
leannoftrades (11:41:02 PM): and youre not.. don't shoot me santa clause* change it :-)
leannoftrades (11:41:08 PM): hahahha kidding
nickdaqwick (11:41:16 PM): mccain was 6 from the bottom of his like 900 something graduating class
leannoftrades (11:41:29 PM): it doesnt surprise me, at all..
leannoftrades (11:41:42 PM): them together as a pair could fuck america royally
leannoftrades (11:41:59 PM): im just not down
nickdaqwick (11:42:43 PM): wow there were like 6 typos i didnt notice
nickdaqwick (11:42:45 PM): i suck
nickdaqwick (11:43:03 PM): if there elected, hello greece
leannoftrades (11:43:43 PM): and hello euroland..
leannoftrades (11:43:53 PM): i'll even blow up alaska before i leave
nickdaqwick (11:44:13 PM): haha

sry for all his typoz, he's stoopz