Thursday, October 16, 2008

lol at the debate

Jesus christ, if I were a mccain supporter after his performance lastnight I just wouldn't vote at all.. He's ridiculous, obama atleast talks about what needs to happen and the change that needs to be made. Mccain just takes what obama says and when its his turn to speaks he thrashes it and rips it apart. He's so negative. Obama absolutely killed on his healthcare speech lastnight, I was impressed upon being impressed with him generally.

I just remember mccain rarely making sense at all, and frequently changing the subject completely. Once was from fuel efficient cars to making a reference about obama and terrorists, and another from womans unfair pay to children with autism and being prolife. Seriously man, what the fuck? He's loosing his mind. He was just awkwardly emotional and agressive lastnight. He wouldn't handle the debate professionally lastnight like obama, he acted like a child. Blinking everytime he got nervous and interupting obama enough for even a tasteless persons taste.

I am actually fed up with this. I'm moving to canada where there is peace and killer environment. See you all on videochat from montreal.

Winners for the most hilarious txts during the debate:

"You heard Obama got the homeless vote right?" -John Fields

"Damn whitey got no manners!" -Nate Stevens

"My mom just said that old man looks like he got surgery on his face, and why can't he move his neck?" -Edwin Veguilla

"What if obama and the cbs news guy held mccain down and ripped off his clothes and he had a tattoo of a black baby hanging in a noose" -Mike Steinborn

"Imagine if for the next question, mccain just paused and went "uh... Uh.... ID ELIMINATE NASA" -Mikey Steinborn

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