Sunday, October 19, 2008

wall street journal

Well I received a call yesterday, it was a woman from cbs for the wall street journal. I had a half an hour interview, but it was hilarious because I realized how funny my political views actually are and I actually got the lady interviewing me to laugh and start agreeing by saying "totally." and "I agree." Which I think this was against her rules and policy, but wuteviez.

So I'm on my way back from PA right now. It was a nice break from Indiana (not that breaks from Indiana aren't nice, they always are.) We went to falling waters by Frank L. Wright, fright farm and some record release for a stoopz band, and a party at the ivory ballroom yesterday. Afterwards I went shopping and managed to get more clothes that I totally didn't need.

Trash talk tonight, should be a wild time. As always.

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