Monday, October 6, 2008


Ben Nichols of Lucero
Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music
Tim Barry of Avail

Lastnight was so amazing, even for showing up an hour and a half late because of work. I walked in just in time to hear Ben Nichols playing slow dancing and it was perfect. I asked Brandon as soon as I got there is he had played hold fast. He had not. Then I stood there hoping with everything inside myself that it would be one of the last two songs he played. It was not.

Then just seeing Chuck Ragan's full was simply incredible, I mean he had 2 instruments on his body throughout the whole set, and he had special guests come up to help him the whole time. I was a beautiful set. I called numerous people during bloody shell to let them listen and because it was my favorite song the entire set. I kind of didnt want it to end.

Then at the very end everyone got on stage and started playing together (apparently this is how it started, but I missed the begining). The first song they played was hold fast, and my night was completely made. Most surreal song live.

Then after the show I realized Chris was in town, which was a nice surprise. Also, that Tim and John were both nowhere to be found, which was not a nice surprise. On the way home I got a speeding ticket and am out another 150$ that I dooo not have. I almost want to say that the show was worth it..