Sunday, October 26, 2008

i love you. you know who you are.

I must admit as standoffish as I was about being friends with you a few years ago I regret not taking the chance now. Tonight, as many times as my eyes teared up and any song that I chose to listen to you managed to keep my mood solid and my words flowing. Just the fact that no one else knows about me, knows about where I come from, and the reasons that I believe in the things that I do. You know, because you've been there. I hate reliving my childhood and all the things I went through, but you make it all seem okay. Real conversations are what I live for a I just had the conversation of my life. Even the people who cared couldn't reach out like that. Thank you for relating, thank you for listening. Thank you for making me realize.

They don't know about being low like we do..

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