Thursday, October 30, 2008

a few points i feel like making

I love beauty school, everything about it. Its way harder than I thought it was going to be, but what the hell isn't. I feel so at home when I'm here.

I'm sick of the "hi, how are you" conversations. I want to have real conversations, with real people, about real things. I mean I do I honestly give a fuck how you're doing? I legit care about how maybe 5 people are "doing" on this earth..

Gas prices are perfect right now. My gas light came on this morning on the way to class and so I filled up for 18 dollars. In the entirety of the time I've been driving never have I been able to fill up on 18 dollars. At 1.99 a gallon. Just wow. I'm not siked about them going back up after nov. 2nd

Halloween this year will be amazing. Every other year up until this one I've been cutesy or funny. This year I'm doing sexy, and I'm going all out. Partiez this year will be crazy..

Everything about this election is pissing me off. All the emails I wake up to in the morning, all the political talk and repeating myself. I'm just going back to my passive aggressive self and putting Miss assertive on the back burner.

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