Thursday, October 2, 2008

covering all my bases

leannoftrades (11:35:11 PM): what im really trying to say is fuck palin
nickdaqwick (11:35:24 PM): omg
nickdaqwick (11:35:27 PM): soooo dumb
leannoftrades (11:35:40 PM): shes a contradicting bitch
leannoftrades (11:35:47 PM): with a stupid accent
nickdaqwick (11:35:55 PM): ughhh
leannoftrades (11:35:51 PM): i hate her
nickdaqwick (11:35:57 PM): i hate her
leannoftrades (11:35:57 PM): i love you lol
nickdaqwick (11:36:06 PM): : )
nickdaqwick (11:36:22 PM): she tip toed around every fucking question
leannoftrades (11:36:53 PM): i know
nickdaqwick (11:37:08 PM): listen bitch,
nickdaqwick (11:37:19 PM): alaska is lame
nickdaqwick (11:37:26 PM): your family is pathetic
nickdaqwick (11:37:35 PM): hockey is for pussies
nickdaqwick (11:37:42 PM): your daughters a whore
nickdaqwick (11:37:49 PM): and you need a new hair cut
leannoftrades (11:37:56 PM): lol amazing
leannoftrades (11:38:01 PM): she tried talking about knowing what its like about "sitting at home with the family and money problems"
leannoftrades (11:38:09 PM): yeah fucking right..
leannoftrades (11:38:28 PM): mccain has millions of dollars and the glasses on her face were like 1500 dollars
leannoftrades (11:38:30 PM): fuck her
nickdaqwick (11:38:46 PM): shes a fucking joke
leannoftrades (11:39:08 PM): she was talking about change, but mccain agrees with 90% of what bush says and does. its ridiculous
nickdaqwick (11:39:26 PM): yeah its horrible
leannoftrades (11:39:23 PM): america only wants her cos shes a beauty queen. i hate her
nickdaqwick (11:39:36 PM): and he's 2000 years old
nickdaqwick (11:39:50 PM): id rather fuck obama
nickdaqwick (11:39:55 PM): shes sexy
nickdaqwick (11:40:17 PM): and biden is jsut a smart dude
leannoftrades (11:41:02 PM): and youre not.. don't shoot me santa clause* change it :-)
leannoftrades (11:41:08 PM): hahahha kidding
nickdaqwick (11:41:16 PM): mccain was 6 from the bottom of his like 900 something graduating class
leannoftrades (11:41:29 PM): it doesnt surprise me, at all..
leannoftrades (11:41:42 PM): them together as a pair could fuck america royally
leannoftrades (11:41:59 PM): im just not down
nickdaqwick (11:42:43 PM): wow there were like 6 typos i didnt notice
nickdaqwick (11:42:45 PM): i suck
nickdaqwick (11:43:03 PM): if there elected, hello greece
leannoftrades (11:43:43 PM): and hello euroland..
leannoftrades (11:43:53 PM): i'll even blow up alaska before i leave
nickdaqwick (11:44:13 PM): haha

sry for all his typoz, he's stoopz

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