Sunday, November 30, 2008

my house

Is unwelcomingly seasonal. Almost to the point of being pretentious. I was somehow unaware of my surroundings lastnight to due the fact of being high on bliss and stoke, but after working all day today coming home to a house literally full of decor just wasent what I was expecting.

I'm afraid to walk to fast for the fear of my purse getting caught on one of our many christmas trees and pulling it down. I always knew my house was big, but somehow I never imagined it could hold so much "christmas cheer" and be so.... Martha Stewart like.

Come hang out and have some egg nog, our fridge is stocked I'm sure.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

bad dreamers

Dreams always leave me fucked, everything about me physically. My chest burns, my eyes feel fuzzy, my head pounds, my stomach feels empty, and my skin feels like its not mine. I have bad dreams every night that I'm alone. Hence the reason I hate sleeping alone, I'm so there with you

Saturday, November 22, 2008

best email update

I received an email update today from a good friend. The email was insanely serious until the bottom (which is what you should pay attention to) I LOLed so hard.

Its snowing so hard right now and were in this sweet german town. Tonights the 5h show, all of them except one have been in germany, the other one was in Amsterdam. 3 euro "superjoints" haha at some sweet weed cafe'. Tomorrow we head to Poland which im real excited for because i get to see one of my best friends who moved there 2 years ago. The we head to Slovika, Hungary, Austria, Germany again, then Italy, France, then 4 shows in the UK, Germany again, Belgium and then Germany again. Then i'm home to christmas shop. 

Were selling sooo much merch. Were already out of one design, and cds. Were running out of he rest real fast. Next time we will need to bring a shit ton more merch which rules. Europe is sexual.


p.s. I now want to change my name to sexual after saying that.


Friday, November 21, 2008

first day of clients

it was even better than I thought it was going to be. I actually had my schedule completely full of reservations and didnt have to take any walk-ins like everyone else, that felt nice.

services of the day:
facial (2)
Make-up app
shampoo and style (2)
hair removal

and all in 3 hours, I do beleive I am amazing at this.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

quiet in the dark

Goodbye to the stale smell of cigarette smoke and smell of patchulli coming from the bathroom. I miss the confinment and escaping reality, shutting out the world for a few days. The laid back and slow pace. The nonchallant laughs and feeling of lazily grazing. One dim light, empty pizza boxes, open strawberries, and an open liquor bottle. All seems too far away for my finger tips, yet I still smell and feel of the morning.

No colors seemed to stand out. As I placed the tears back in my eyes and I looked up to find nothing but bright blue signs and a new feeling of emptiness. I'll keep singing my song, and you'll never know when.

Here I am now. Wrapped in a dark comforter and T-shirt, in my solitude, breathing in the smell of sandalwood and vanilla. Missing the smell of smoke and fresh soap. I shouldn't be too long..

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Carlos Alazraqui and Jill Michelle Melean

Both characters from reno 911 did comedy skits in broadripple lastnight. It was easily thr hardest I've ever laughed for stand up before. Surprisingly Jill made me laugh harder probably because I could relate to a lot of the things she was talking about, being female and everything. Carlos was just perfect though, it amazes me at how open they both are and the extents they go to make people laugh. I mean they literally "embarrass" themselves every night to amuse people. The both cut in on the Indy jokes, which I might have laughed the hardest at. Hahh.

At the end of Carlo's skit he pulled out a thrasher magazine and read a letter to the editor as his closing joke. It was a christian kid writing about how pissed off he was because of people wearing satanic shirts and writing 666 on things. So this kid who was "christian" used fuck every third word in his letter and said "satin (yes, satin) is a red ass piece of shit" his grammar was horrible and logic wasent even there, but that made it even funnier. Lastnight was perfect.

Friday, November 7, 2008

the president has a "blog" too!

All part of, launched yesterday. Features an agenda section (listed by priority), transition information, jobs, interactive services, and of course...the blog. Our president-elect is way cool. Pass it on!

Speaking of the pres I feel like a lot of mccain supporters are going into this all wrong and negative. I mean, looking at this from their point of view I would be totally upset if obama didn't win (but, how could he not??) and would probably throw a fit. I would NOT go to some of the extremes I've been seeing though. Ex: there was a yard full of paper obama signs stuck in a yard 2 miles from my school with red X's through his name. Ex 2: lastnight Marcie and I were shopping and her mother and my father called us both saying things about all the awful places our tax money will go, how barack is the anti christ, and all these ridiculous things. Then marcie's mom said she wasent going to help out with Sadie anymore and cutting off her money just because of her opinion when we were just being super sarcastic.

I guess when you live in the midwest with a bunch of close minded people you shouldn't have such high standards. Meh meh meh. He's going to be a great change for the country, but he's not going to be perfect. I'm just afraid people are going to hold him to too high in expectancy and then others are just going to tear him down for every little thing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

5 hours

I'm still not following the safety signs or arrows. I'm going to live by your fortune cookies and the spiraling feeling in my stomach. How did I get to this point in my life? I'm not slowing down, just watch. I'll run away just like I promised. In the mean time I'll just keep living under rocks.

untopable and unstoppable weekend

This weekend was so perfect. Friday edwin, cam, and I drove to meet up with Marcie, john, Tim, noel, Kara and Kieth. We all went to this wild basement party and I was seriously in amazement at how many people were packed into this one house. It was like hippie central in the back yard, a rave in the basement, and a cluster fuck upstairs. It was seriously like a movie or something.

Then Saturday surprisingly topped Friday night. Tom's costume was a Mexican with bullet straps full of shot glasses, gun holders both full of fifths of tequila, a sombrero, and authentic Mexican shirt. The entire night he ran around saying "embuerto" and called me "tequirra" all night hahhaha. No one in the house was sober and no one fell asleep before 6 in the morning. The next day no we all ate unlimited pizza at eatza and no one left the house until 6 at night. It was probably the best party I've ever been to in my life. As hard as it is for this to normally happen, I loved everyone in that house.

I ended up being 3 hours late to class this morning from oversleeping. I hate aftermath

Saturday, November 1, 2008

my ideal pizza

leannoftrades (4:41:26 PM): first half: 1 1/3 amount of regularly used pizza sauce with veggies first. black olives, banana peppers, tomatoes. then feta crumbles. then a 1/2 inch of motz. then TONS of p cheese on top. and just a little basil. like im talking to where you can barely taste it. oh, and motz baked onto the crust and garlic butter drizzled on the crust while its baking too
leannoftrades (4:47:06 PM): half two: a cheese sauce instead of reg tomato based pizza sauce, and like an inch of three different kinds of cheezes. im going to say motz, ricotta, and provlone. flatten the crust so its completely covered and then drizzle pepperonchini juice (is that wierd? lol) and mix buffalo sauce and p cheeze together for a dipping sauce