Saturday, November 22, 2008

best email update

I received an email update today from a good friend. The email was insanely serious until the bottom (which is what you should pay attention to) I LOLed so hard.

Its snowing so hard right now and were in this sweet german town. Tonights the 5h show, all of them except one have been in germany, the other one was in Amsterdam. 3 euro "superjoints" haha at some sweet weed cafe'. Tomorrow we head to Poland which im real excited for because i get to see one of my best friends who moved there 2 years ago. The we head to Slovika, Hungary, Austria, Germany again, then Italy, France, then 4 shows in the UK, Germany again, Belgium and then Germany again. Then i'm home to christmas shop. 

Were selling sooo much merch. Were already out of one design, and cds. Were running out of he rest real fast. Next time we will need to bring a shit ton more merch which rules. Europe is sexual.


p.s. I now want to change my name to sexual after saying that.


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