Friday, May 30, 2008


So Jill and I were walking around my yard making sure that it looked perfect for my huge luau party tomorrow and we found this little guy.
He is a snapping turtle, and we decided to name him Bradley. I then walked him back down to the pond where he came from so that he could continue living and not fry to death in the sun.
Isn't he just so cute??

Thursday, May 29, 2008

hold fast

Lastnight Paulina and I went to waffle house and circled a van full of teenage boys for a good ten minutes until an old man came out headed for the drivers seat and then we sped off. We made virgin Mexican martinis. They were so good.

I am currently laying out and my neighbor is moving is lawn. He looks just like kid rock. My blackberry messsenger list is growing. Thankyou to everyone who has recently purchased a blackberry. My room is spotless and I found tons of shit that i'd been missing for so long. The perks of having a messy room for so long and then finally being motivated to clean it. My luau party is in 2 days. Pretty siked, even though the porch swing just broke. Buzz killll. Oh well, we bought a snowcone maker.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

dear money,

Thanks for all coming to me at once. I like getting "paid" for just being a human. It rules a lot.

Dear new clothes,

Thanks for looking so great on me. You really flatter my figure. Which, happens on rare occasion. You're worth every penny.

Dear awesome nanny job,

Im glad you fell in my lap, it literally was destiny. Now I can pay all my bills, buy gas and STILL have money to blow. Oh, and a make 3x more than Nathan. Beebop wahoo. Haha

Marcie and I were driving downtown lastnight and we were listening to a very touching song, the lyrics were about a girl who lost everything and was going to commit suicide. Then the place that she goes to kill herself there is a boy there and she tells him to move so he can jump. He said no and she asked why? And he told her that ten minutes before she got there he was going to do that same thing and for her to come away with him. Thus, we both rolled up in downtown looking all pretty and crying our eyes out.

Tonight I have no idea what is in store for Paulina and I. My family is coming in from PA tomorrow so tonight I'm determined to let loose before I have to put on the "good girl act."

Monday, May 26, 2008

most colorful booth

Music makes my world go round.

And money, my feet on dashboards, hammock chairs, and cinnamon waffles.

Modest mouse, outbreak, Ryan Adams, and new found glory will never leave multiplayer CD player. Eva

there is so much man boob on me right now

"I'm a bear in heat"

Paulina and I decided we're going to start our own comedy show, starring us. In our daily life. This will be complete with costumes and be very scary movie-esque. For we will be doing renactments for our favorite citcoms. They will be posted on youtube weekly.

Religious watchers will be awarded with our homemade T-shirts and the "Leann and Paulina favorite" gift set complete with:

-purple spandex pants
-2 monster energy drinks
-dirty girl mp3
-steak sauce
-Jesus sandals
-Dave Grohl poster

We have also discovered how great of artists we are, we will be making lame pastels and painting together on a regular basis, if you're interested in checking those or us out.

Do work!!

that's why the chimney smells that way!!!!

Paulina and I were outside on the hammocks lastnight enjoying the night air and a giant lump started running across her roof.

Apparently there is a colony of raccoons living in her chimney. Animal control will be contacted. No worries.

Friday, May 23, 2008

For the first time in my life i'm scared to take a step forward.

Aside from the fact that I was an hour and a half late to my own graduation it was all amazing, because the entire class of 08' cheered and screamed when I ran into the cafeteria doors half way dressing myself in my cap and gown.

The ceremony itself was boring with long drawn out speeches of things I already knew and had heard many times before, until the end. When the caps were thrown in the air and once again, I was punctual. Not because I was fashionably late, but because I stood on my chair with Ron Ron when they were presenting the entire class. Like a crazy girl.

I went out to a lovely dinner with my dad, who came into town, and saw Mark at the same resturaunt. Our waiter looked exactly like Cam.

When I arrived home, my teacher had given my mom a certificate during the ceremony for my academic achievement, apparently I got the best grade in the class. Hahaha, who knew? Not I.

I'm more proud of myself than anyone could be for me right now. Although I still see it this way, and I will say it best. I think that the past twelve years of school have been a waste of my time. I've taught myself more than any class I've ever taken. And experience is the best form of education and self-teaching is the best form of learning. I'm glad for all the people I've met and all the teachers that I've had close relationships with but, I just see it as a waste of time.

Praise growing up, and forks in the road.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

repeative lead-ons and worthless quiet words

I have a hole in my finger, fecal matter on my shoes, new trash talk ringing in my ears, snot in my nose, too many texts in my phone, taco bell in my stomach, lame boys in my head, hate in my mouth, zine in my hand, nothing in my heart, and a good time in my night.

I offically despise the number nine, and I'm never leaving voicemails again. Mark my words.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

"My foot is going to have a party at your house's face."

Best new television show out there, if you like fucked up, raw sense's of humor. Check out: 'Frisky Dingo', it won't let you down.

I was totally stand-offish about watching at first because the name is so lame, and its a cartoon. But, just imagine the voiceover of killface as a huge black dude and it makes the show even better than it should be. I recommend that you watch this with a significant other (especially if you're having troubles under the sheets), it will help bring you closer. Sike, haaa! Seriously though, undoubtfully funny, and worth the rent.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

flashback to Tuesday, 13th

What happened during the day isn't really important, because its completely irrelivant to the night. This flashback is taking you to my recaps on the miles away, outbreak, bitter end, cruel hand show because up until this point I've lazily put blogspot aside.

The show was incredibly disapointing crowd wise, I was expecting SO many more people than there actually were and a majority of the people left before outbreak played there set. I suppose it was a reasonable turn out for a school night in Franklin, IN, though. Miles away's set needless to say didn't get that big of a crowd reaction, which was a huge bummer. I wish people loved them as much as I do. When they played afflidavid I almost lost my shit, paulina looked at me and simply stated "You have like stars in your eyes, you look so happy right now." was absolutely true. I can't believe they came from Australia. I liked singing along to their songs.

Bitter end's set was obviously mindblowing, no one in that room was standing still. It had been a while since I had been to this venue, actually the last time I was there is was still called "club logos". I couldn't have asked for a better show to bring me back.

Outbreaks set was the set of the night, Chris hooked his guitar up to his amp and some ones CV radio was coming through the amp. They were saying shit like "ya'll sound good out in this here corn field." I was laughing hysterically, and Chris left it on during the whole set and would talk to him through this guitar. I was still jumping up and down, high on stoke, screaming lyrics, and taking in the last songs of the gig. Most perfect show.

After the show, I bought a miles away crew neck, and cruel hands roadie (who claimed to have worked at the gap for 5 years) turned my crew neck into a not crew neck. I now have a miles away boat neck, and a sweet new hand shake with cruel hand's roadie. Lol. I also had a water fight with Cam and Blair. Which resulted in my zine, new not crew neck, and shirt wet. Cam and I went outside to talk about waffle house, which sounded appealing and everyone else agreed. Miles away was literally 10 minutes from my house, I don't think I could ask for much more than that, ever. My favorite band eating waffle house with me and a group photo was the best results of this night. I don't care how "highschool sum41 lovergirl" that sounds, because I'm going to see them again on the 30th. Cam aloud the option of us getting married so that I could move to Australia and he could get his green card. Win win and all I have to do is support his ass through med school. I could get down with that, and the great barrier reef.

In other news, on Monday- last day of school, trashtalk will be playing in broadripple. Bringing the stoke and kool-aid pouches. Woohoo

Sunday, May 11, 2008

right and wrong

Things that are both right and wrong interest me. You take a coin and flip it. Headlessness doesn't cease to exist when tails prevail. It's just the other side of the same equation. We've chosen one angle as dominant, and decided to pursue further action based on that outcome.It's not as easy to see the duality in a coin. Well, it would be easier I suppose if it landed on its edge, but that's not a state we consider permanent. When a coin lands on its edge, we look for it to fall. We don't consider its 'work' to be done. It is still in the process of deciding whatever is riding on that toss. Perhaps another example would be better. There's the story of the elephant walking West through a crowd of people, who are lined up on both sides. The watchers marvel at the elephant's enormous size. They whisper to each other, pointing out the details of the beast. The South side overhears the North say that they love the rich red color of its skin, reminiscent of a setting sun. This angers them, because the elephant is obviously a deep sea blue. Why must the other side tell such lies? There is enough beauty without fabrication. They admonish those who see red, and now they too are angry. Why must the South pick fights when they are enjoying the earthly majesty that walks before them? There is enough drama in the simple truth. Reality is a two-tone elephant, as a road crossing would reveal.We do this all the time with words and communications. Most times we walk away, letting the elephant wander and none of us the wiser. Sometimes the awkwardness is realized, and it just hangs around in the air, seen but ignored by some, if not all.

In my actual life aside from being philisophical, I'm in a rut. A great rut actually, a rut that is worth $19,000 and has tiffany's engagement ring written on it. Although, this rut could be completely false and I could be the root of a very cruel and sick joke. I'm hope I am, actually. This is the epitamy of sick feelings. Fuck my life.

calm it downnnn

LEANN: Happy mother's day, Mikey.
MIKEY: Thanks, my kids appreciate me.
LEANN: I know I know.. Wait as in plural? When did this happen! Thought it was just the one..
MIKEY: Nope I got countless faggot kids across the country and in paraguay

Friday, May 9, 2008

perhaps, the song that was made for me

War, war, war
Talkin' about y'all's such a bore
I'd rather talk about moi
Like do you know the cost of AK's up in Africa?
20 dollars ain't shit to you
But that's how much they are
So they're gonna use this shit just to get by
Is gold, diamonds helpin' ya?
Don't you like my bandanna?
My stains hang low
On my shirts like a-ya-ya
Monkey brains and banana
I'll hit you with my antenna
Put soap in my eye
Make it red so I look raaw raw raw
So I woke up with my holy Qur'an
And found out I like Cadillac
So we shooting till the song is up
Little boys are acting up
And baby, mamas are goin' crazy
And the leaders all around cracking up
We goat rich, we fry
Price of living in a shanty town just seems very high
But we still like T.I. we still look fly
Dancing as we shooting up and looting just to get by
With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head'll collapse when there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself, where is my mind?
Where is my mind? Where is my mind?

War, war, war
Who made me like this?
Was it me and God in co-production?
My devil's on speed dial
Every time I take the wrong direction
All I want is one thing
And that is what you got
Sometimes I go lose my mind
And I feel numb
There's 24 hours in a day
I used to split it 8, 8, 8
8 work, 8 sleep, 8 for play
Now I give it all it takes
People on the Internet
A new life for the intellect
People judge me so hard'
Cause I don't floss my tea set
I was born out of dirt like I'm porn in a skirt
I was a little girl who made good with all what I blur
I put people on the map that never seen a map
I show 'em something they ain't ever seen
And hope they make it back
With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head'll collapse when there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself, where is my mind?
Where is my mind? Where is my mind?
With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head'll collapse when there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself, where is my mind?

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I am alone but adored
By a hundred thousand more
Than I said when you were the last
And I have known love
Like a whore
From at least ten thousand more
Than I swore when you were the last
When you were the last high
You were awake
And I should've stayed
But wandered
I was only out for a day
Out for a day
It was Chicago for a moment and then
It was Paris and London for a few days
But I am alone but adored
By a hundred thousand more
Than I swore when you were the last
When you were the last high
When you were the last high
I was the first to have spoken
And I said just about
All of the things you shouldn't say
So maybe you loved me but now
Maybe you don't
And maybe you'll call me
Maybe you won't

Monday, May 5, 2008

ohhh calamity.

I realized that when I disgust myself I write. And drink. A combination of the two results in the jumble of words below and poem called "running with raindrops" the raindrops are metaphorically my tears. Just another reason that I wish I lived next to the ocean, so that my tears would seems smaller next to the ocean.

Ew, purple.
White Russian.
Too plain. Banana.
Chai girl.
What am I 5? No, shower.
Hope, pudinkle.
I love filth.
Not so much.
Gag me, please.
Super man?
Captian planet.
Thousands, babe.
Indie, jazz, the fast, the heavy.
Oh calamity.

"Running with Raindrops"

Raindrops fall on my face
As the pounding of my feet
Rings through my ears

My timing is quick as I run
To a beat
My heart, it pounds
Making me feel weak
But I will keep


No matter what
The reason is "fun"
And starting off
Like a gun.

Practice makes perfect
We all know its true
But this needs
Nothing besides
A motivated mind
With a heart that is

Closure on you. On this. Renovation to my personality. To my minds eye.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

You're not talking to me, are you?

I'll never forget how today smelt. I spent it all outside, like crushed nuts and spicy. The spicy came from Hannah. Bailey and I witnessed an old lady beating her husband with a plastic bat in the back yard. I think everything is made better for men. This is also from me and Hannah. She wants me to stop including her in everything. My face is demolished. I finally drank black coffee. If you don't wash your hair for three days it stops smelling bad and starts smelling good. I guess u've got some more healing to do. This Friday I added more character to myself. What should I pray for now? Bigger boobs.. Yes! Jill just drank Indian pain killer. Hannah has an ipod? We can all three fit on a moped. Its true. Serious zone, our mother is a nun. Who cusses. Is that kosher? Hannah is now Christine, but I don't feel like changing her name through out this blog. I'm going to smash my car into a hill. on purpose. Some accents are ugly, especially when you here them singing ugly songs. What do I want to breakfast? I fucking raise my hand for everything. Why? What if what if what if didn't exsist. The world would be a totally different place. That's it, I'm going to buy a sleeping mask. These people need me. I'm going to start communicating without words. Maybe even in the dark. This seems a lot easier. I'm also going to learn how to play with fire. Professionally. And travel the world. I'm over it. Maybe I'll be someday be lucky enough to get a disease.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Everyone is talking...

but I don't hear what they're saying anymore. They're just an echo of all that I'm leaving behind.Today it was like the world was staring. I couldn't break it. Though I tried, with so many extra words. Misunderstood. I could tell by the eyes.It's no matter. It could rain here, I won't know. I'm off to less clothes, more sun, a new life, and new relationships. Hoping to sink off into the ocean like a stone