Sunday, May 4, 2008

You're not talking to me, are you?

I'll never forget how today smelt. I spent it all outside, like crushed nuts and spicy. The spicy came from Hannah. Bailey and I witnessed an old lady beating her husband with a plastic bat in the back yard. I think everything is made better for men. This is also from me and Hannah. She wants me to stop including her in everything. My face is demolished. I finally drank black coffee. If you don't wash your hair for three days it stops smelling bad and starts smelling good. I guess u've got some more healing to do. This Friday I added more character to myself. What should I pray for now? Bigger boobs.. Yes! Jill just drank Indian pain killer. Hannah has an ipod? We can all three fit on a moped. Its true. Serious zone, our mother is a nun. Who cusses. Is that kosher? Hannah is now Christine, but I don't feel like changing her name through out this blog. I'm going to smash my car into a hill. on purpose. Some accents are ugly, especially when you here them singing ugly songs. What do I want to breakfast? I fucking raise my hand for everything. Why? What if what if what if didn't exsist. The world would be a totally different place. That's it, I'm going to buy a sleeping mask. These people need me. I'm going to start communicating without words. Maybe even in the dark. This seems a lot easier. I'm also going to learn how to play with fire. Professionally. And travel the world. I'm over it. Maybe I'll be someday be lucky enough to get a disease.

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