Monday, May 26, 2008

there is so much man boob on me right now

"I'm a bear in heat"

Paulina and I decided we're going to start our own comedy show, starring us. In our daily life. This will be complete with costumes and be very scary movie-esque. For we will be doing renactments for our favorite citcoms. They will be posted on youtube weekly.

Religious watchers will be awarded with our homemade T-shirts and the "Leann and Paulina favorite" gift set complete with:

-purple spandex pants
-2 monster energy drinks
-dirty girl mp3
-steak sauce
-Jesus sandals
-Dave Grohl poster

We have also discovered how great of artists we are, we will be making lame pastels and painting together on a regular basis, if you're interested in checking those or us out.

Do work!!

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