Thursday, May 15, 2008

flashback to Tuesday, 13th

What happened during the day isn't really important, because its completely irrelivant to the night. This flashback is taking you to my recaps on the miles away, outbreak, bitter end, cruel hand show because up until this point I've lazily put blogspot aside.

The show was incredibly disapointing crowd wise, I was expecting SO many more people than there actually were and a majority of the people left before outbreak played there set. I suppose it was a reasonable turn out for a school night in Franklin, IN, though. Miles away's set needless to say didn't get that big of a crowd reaction, which was a huge bummer. I wish people loved them as much as I do. When they played afflidavid I almost lost my shit, paulina looked at me and simply stated "You have like stars in your eyes, you look so happy right now." was absolutely true. I can't believe they came from Australia. I liked singing along to their songs.

Bitter end's set was obviously mindblowing, no one in that room was standing still. It had been a while since I had been to this venue, actually the last time I was there is was still called "club logos". I couldn't have asked for a better show to bring me back.

Outbreaks set was the set of the night, Chris hooked his guitar up to his amp and some ones CV radio was coming through the amp. They were saying shit like "ya'll sound good out in this here corn field." I was laughing hysterically, and Chris left it on during the whole set and would talk to him through this guitar. I was still jumping up and down, high on stoke, screaming lyrics, and taking in the last songs of the gig. Most perfect show.

After the show, I bought a miles away crew neck, and cruel hands roadie (who claimed to have worked at the gap for 5 years) turned my crew neck into a not crew neck. I now have a miles away boat neck, and a sweet new hand shake with cruel hand's roadie. Lol. I also had a water fight with Cam and Blair. Which resulted in my zine, new not crew neck, and shirt wet. Cam and I went outside to talk about waffle house, which sounded appealing and everyone else agreed. Miles away was literally 10 minutes from my house, I don't think I could ask for much more than that, ever. My favorite band eating waffle house with me and a group photo was the best results of this night. I don't care how "highschool sum41 lovergirl" that sounds, because I'm going to see them again on the 30th. Cam aloud the option of us getting married so that I could move to Australia and he could get his green card. Win win and all I have to do is support his ass through med school. I could get down with that, and the great barrier reef.

In other news, on Monday- last day of school, trashtalk will be playing in broadripple. Bringing the stoke and kool-aid pouches. Woohoo

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