Sunday, May 11, 2008

right and wrong

Things that are both right and wrong interest me. You take a coin and flip it. Headlessness doesn't cease to exist when tails prevail. It's just the other side of the same equation. We've chosen one angle as dominant, and decided to pursue further action based on that outcome.It's not as easy to see the duality in a coin. Well, it would be easier I suppose if it landed on its edge, but that's not a state we consider permanent. When a coin lands on its edge, we look for it to fall. We don't consider its 'work' to be done. It is still in the process of deciding whatever is riding on that toss. Perhaps another example would be better. There's the story of the elephant walking West through a crowd of people, who are lined up on both sides. The watchers marvel at the elephant's enormous size. They whisper to each other, pointing out the details of the beast. The South side overhears the North say that they love the rich red color of its skin, reminiscent of a setting sun. This angers them, because the elephant is obviously a deep sea blue. Why must the other side tell such lies? There is enough beauty without fabrication. They admonish those who see red, and now they too are angry. Why must the South pick fights when they are enjoying the earthly majesty that walks before them? There is enough drama in the simple truth. Reality is a two-tone elephant, as a road crossing would reveal.We do this all the time with words and communications. Most times we walk away, letting the elephant wander and none of us the wiser. Sometimes the awkwardness is realized, and it just hangs around in the air, seen but ignored by some, if not all.

In my actual life aside from being philisophical, I'm in a rut. A great rut actually, a rut that is worth $19,000 and has tiffany's engagement ring written on it. Although, this rut could be completely false and I could be the root of a very cruel and sick joke. I'm hope I am, actually. This is the epitamy of sick feelings. Fuck my life.

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