Sunday, July 27, 2008

i <3 birds more than bees

Tonight after Bailey left and I had finished my veggie burger and popsicle I was laying in my bed and was hit by a huge urge to just draw, so I decided to draw birds. They're universal, they can be elegant or cute or funny. Whatever

The results being 2 pictures:

1) The fashion of Birds
2) City over the Sea

Now for the cause and effects:

1) Andy has convinced me to write a children's book, because apparently I can write and draw well. I beg to differ
2) Mikey is making me draw a bird eating pizza (peatz) and his name will be Shawmut (LOL). No one gets this other than Mikey and Chris. Fuck everyone

once again, this blog is not abandoned

So I left again unexpectedly for KY to see my family and old friends last week, fucking sue me. It was a nice week of climbing water towers, swimming in lakes, "relaxing", and seeing familiar faces and whatnot. It was a nice change of pace

So i get home yesterday and go to some random hip hop show with Paulina and Sarah. It amazes me at the messes Paulina get ourselves into, we have the best time doing absolutely nothing. We were totally out of place at this show so we left and met up with about 9 people at starbucks. Jim and I both had 2 chilled coffees each and were mad wired the whole night. I didn't realize until last night how much I'd missed being home

Saturday, July 19, 2008

High Hopes

i like to chew my food throughly and there is no way to speed the process or make it go any easier than just simply chewing. Just like a lot of other things in life, you just have to do them to get to the point that you want to be at. I realize this, yes, its just very hard to listen to myself sometimes. I could lay and talk with someone all day about life and give them enough advice to risk sounding 45 but sadly i cant talk to myself.

mad lol

convo via blackberry messenger

Mi​chael Steinborn: God dammit
Mi​chael Steinborn: I can't wait to see beverly hills chihuahua
Mi​chael Steinborn: Wanna go on opening night together? At midnight?
Le​ann Marie: What is wrong with you???
Le​ann Marie: Hahahaha oh yeahh
Le​ann Marie: And send eachother texts about how lame it is
Mi​chael Steinborn: K let's dress up like the dogs
Mi​chael Steinborn: Why would you say its lame
Mi​chael Steinborn: That movie looks compelling
Le​ann Marie: Did you not see the previews all it was was a birthday cake made of singing chihuahuas you lil faggot!
Mi​chael Steinborn: Hahahaha I'm kidding
Le​ann Marie: I know so am I
Mi​chael Steinborn: As soon as I came on I said like "oh my god no"
Le​ann Marie: It will probably be awesome
Mi​chael Steinborn: Hahaha
Mi​chael Steinborn: You're the little faggot
Le​ann Marie: Sike!
Mi​chael Steinborn: You are
Le​ann Marie: Hahah ok if you say so.. I'm just a freak of nature
Mi​chael Steinborn: K gotta go, seeing dark knight for the 2nd time
Mi​chael Steinborn: Hahah freak of nature
Le​ann Marie: Wooo! Have fun fuck ass
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this blog is not abandoned

While it is true its owner has been away for some time, and the words have lost their usual resting place as a result, this is still a (mostly) happy little blog. Albeit one that is virtually collecting dust.

I sense my writing vacation is nearing its end. Creative thoughts, with the desire to nest in words, are slowly finding their way back home.

My ability to write is inexplicably tied to a certain feeling. A place where I am not too content and carefree, nor am I paralyzed by doubt and festering introspection. And it is not necessarily the median of these excesses either. But it is here, where I am now

I'm done traveling (hopefully) before school starts other than to see my father on Monday for a week. It sort of feels nice to me home safe, although I miss Andy and countless others. mehhh

PA, CT, NY, ME, MA, WA, VA, WV and wherever else I've raged this summer has been amazing.

Have Heart/ Verse/ Foundation/ Hollywood

Four days late, but I'm still making this post because this show just quite simply ruled. Upon arriving I noticed that most of the westside of and a lot of other kids from Indy were there which was cool..

Hollywood played first which was confusing to me because since it was their last show I thought they would probably headline, but they played before everyone except the local band, energy, and hostage calm. There set was insane though, complete madness. Kids just went crazy for this shit. I was standing in the back of the room on top of a couch so I got the full effect of this. There was a wall of people the entire time during their set then during the last song there was a mount an the vocalist came out of the top of this pile pushed up by people mic first. It ruled

Then foundation played, I felt bad because since the crowd reaction for Hollywood was so many kids going so wild a lot of them were tired and hot and went to hang outside and cool off while they played. It kinda bummed me out since foundation is a really good band and this was my first time seeing them. They all have really good stage presence and I just wish more kids would have at least came in to listen to them.

When verse was setting up I was talking to Sean about the lyrics and how I thought they were really deep, because the first time I ever read them I was like "Woah.. did danger Murphy really write these? So deep." He was talking about how he wasn't that amped on played because he didn't think that Nashville really liked them. I had seen them last summer at the same venue and thought they had a decent reaction from people. So they went on to play and all the kids came back in that were outside and went pretty crazy.. I guess this year verse isn't going to have to wait a year and a half for new stuff to "make circulation." LOL

Have Heart's set was slightly disappointing, not because of sound or quality or anything but because there were two songs from the new record that I really had my hopes up on them playing. Pave Paradise and Brotherly Love. Only because since I've been traveling for the past 2 months I can relate a lot and now I'm all restless at home, and Brotherly Love is just so deep and I was telling Pat after the show that I was reading his lyrics on the way home from DC and listening to the songs at the same time and was on the verge of crying. I honestly did care how lame I sounded and luckily he didn't seem to freaked out. Their set was still great though, I cant hold it against them that they didn't play the songs I could tell that they were tired.

After the show we all went to this awesome veg restaurant that I'm guessing is open 24/7 because we didn't leave the place until about 4 in the AM and they still had people coming in to order. I got the best personal pan cheese peatz I've ever had and shared Paulina's hummus and pita bread with her. On the way home I passed out and Lina couldn't drive anymore so we pulled off somewhere in Bowlengreen, KY and slept in a church parking lot. It was a great night

Monday, July 14, 2008

finally home

After nearly 2 months of pick up a go traveling it feels nice to be home, i have a lot of shit to catch up on. DC and VA were awesome though, I went to enough museums and shit to last me all year in a week

day 1; VA
I naturally became addicted to Cindy's bay window

day 2; DC

met up with Andy, went to see the Senate and HoR, had dinner, went on a moonlight tour of the monuments (Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, White House, etc.)

day 3; DC

went to The National Art Museum, and Museum of Natural History

day 4; DC

went to holocaust museum with Andy, went to dinner, did a much needed soak in the hot tub

day 5; VA

went to Mt. Vernon, raged with Hannah at Williamsburg

Thursday, July 3, 2008

blackberry messsenger with Andy

Leann Marie: There is a broken bird dying in the fountain right where I sat down. What do I do?

Leann Marie: I can't eat my cookies! I'm so scared

Andy: Awww I don't know

Leann Marie: Nevermind. Bird was fucking with me. I just had a moral crisis and this bird was just having a bath!

Andy: Give it a peace of the cookie
Andy: Piece haha

Leann Marie: Haha, good idea! I seriously got 8 cookies and I intend to eat them all
Andy: Hahaha incredible, what kind?

Leann Marie: Oatmeal chocolate chip

Leann Marie: Yeah. The best part? I think I just sat in bird shit..

Andy: Hahahaha bummer

Andy: I hear bird shit is good luck

Leann Marie: I'm pretty unphased about it, these cookies are too good. I'll worry about it in 10 minutes and check in the restroom

Leann Marie: I hope its good luck.. Sign me up!

Andy: Haha good attitude

Andy: Go buy a lottery ticket just in case

Andy: Then if you win you can stay here longer

Leann Marie: Well, I didn't win bingo lastnight and I just sat in bird shit. I wouldn't say that I'm the luckiest person ever. Although, me sitting in the bird shit was my revelation to good luck!
Andy: hahaha
Leann Marie: indeed I did
Andy: what?
Leann Marie: sat in bird shit

I know you're all thinking that I'm super attractive right now and are probably saying "that rules!" in your heads. Let me just tell you its far from ruling..

up, up, and away from PA

This entire PA/WV trip has been foo fighters and Ryan Adams inspired.

I went swimming, got my hair done by Jules, went off roading with Ben, discovered that I am still the smoothie master (confirmed by Gary, Jules, Jen, Val, and Marci), and went on another shopping spree. The shopping spree wasent a good idea, I got 4 American apparel shirt, 2 belle dresses, 1 urban renual dress, 3 urban outfitter shirts, a pair of jeans from delias, a pair of pinkush shorts, some bras from VS, and a pair of DKNY sandals

My mom was right, I received a text from her saying "u r out of control" lololol

Now I'm on the drive home listening to my iPod, looking at pretty pictures and a magazine, and awaiting my DC trip on Monday. I love not being home. Let's see if we can make July as great as June.