Thursday, July 3, 2008

blackberry messsenger with Andy

Leann Marie: There is a broken bird dying in the fountain right where I sat down. What do I do?

Leann Marie: I can't eat my cookies! I'm so scared

Andy: Awww I don't know

Leann Marie: Nevermind. Bird was fucking with me. I just had a moral crisis and this bird was just having a bath!

Andy: Give it a peace of the cookie
Andy: Piece haha

Leann Marie: Haha, good idea! I seriously got 8 cookies and I intend to eat them all
Andy: Hahaha incredible, what kind?

Leann Marie: Oatmeal chocolate chip

Leann Marie: Yeah. The best part? I think I just sat in bird shit..

Andy: Hahahaha bummer

Andy: I hear bird shit is good luck

Leann Marie: I'm pretty unphased about it, these cookies are too good. I'll worry about it in 10 minutes and check in the restroom

Leann Marie: I hope its good luck.. Sign me up!

Andy: Haha good attitude

Andy: Go buy a lottery ticket just in case

Andy: Then if you win you can stay here longer

Leann Marie: Well, I didn't win bingo lastnight and I just sat in bird shit. I wouldn't say that I'm the luckiest person ever. Although, me sitting in the bird shit was my revelation to good luck!
Andy: hahaha
Leann Marie: indeed I did
Andy: what?
Leann Marie: sat in bird shit

I know you're all thinking that I'm super attractive right now and are probably saying "that rules!" in your heads. Let me just tell you its far from ruling..

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