Thursday, July 3, 2008

up, up, and away from PA

This entire PA/WV trip has been foo fighters and Ryan Adams inspired.

I went swimming, got my hair done by Jules, went off roading with Ben, discovered that I am still the smoothie master (confirmed by Gary, Jules, Jen, Val, and Marci), and went on another shopping spree. The shopping spree wasent a good idea, I got 4 American apparel shirt, 2 belle dresses, 1 urban renual dress, 3 urban outfitter shirts, a pair of jeans from delias, a pair of pinkush shorts, some bras from VS, and a pair of DKNY sandals

My mom was right, I received a text from her saying "u r out of control" lololol

Now I'm on the drive home listening to my iPod, looking at pretty pictures and a magazine, and awaiting my DC trip on Monday. I love not being home. Let's see if we can make July as great as June.

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