Saturday, July 19, 2008

this blog is not abandoned

While it is true its owner has been away for some time, and the words have lost their usual resting place as a result, this is still a (mostly) happy little blog. Albeit one that is virtually collecting dust.

I sense my writing vacation is nearing its end. Creative thoughts, with the desire to nest in words, are slowly finding their way back home.

My ability to write is inexplicably tied to a certain feeling. A place where I am not too content and carefree, nor am I paralyzed by doubt and festering introspection. And it is not necessarily the median of these excesses either. But it is here, where I am now

I'm done traveling (hopefully) before school starts other than to see my father on Monday for a week. It sort of feels nice to me home safe, although I miss Andy and countless others. mehhh

PA, CT, NY, ME, MA, WA, VA, WV and wherever else I've raged this summer has been amazing.

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