Saturday, July 19, 2008

Have Heart/ Verse/ Foundation/ Hollywood

Four days late, but I'm still making this post because this show just quite simply ruled. Upon arriving I noticed that most of the westside of and a lot of other kids from Indy were there which was cool..

Hollywood played first which was confusing to me because since it was their last show I thought they would probably headline, but they played before everyone except the local band, energy, and hostage calm. There set was insane though, complete madness. Kids just went crazy for this shit. I was standing in the back of the room on top of a couch so I got the full effect of this. There was a wall of people the entire time during their set then during the last song there was a mount an the vocalist came out of the top of this pile pushed up by people mic first. It ruled

Then foundation played, I felt bad because since the crowd reaction for Hollywood was so many kids going so wild a lot of them were tired and hot and went to hang outside and cool off while they played. It kinda bummed me out since foundation is a really good band and this was my first time seeing them. They all have really good stage presence and I just wish more kids would have at least came in to listen to them.

When verse was setting up I was talking to Sean about the lyrics and how I thought they were really deep, because the first time I ever read them I was like "Woah.. did danger Murphy really write these? So deep." He was talking about how he wasn't that amped on played because he didn't think that Nashville really liked them. I had seen them last summer at the same venue and thought they had a decent reaction from people. So they went on to play and all the kids came back in that were outside and went pretty crazy.. I guess this year verse isn't going to have to wait a year and a half for new stuff to "make circulation." LOL

Have Heart's set was slightly disappointing, not because of sound or quality or anything but because there were two songs from the new record that I really had my hopes up on them playing. Pave Paradise and Brotherly Love. Only because since I've been traveling for the past 2 months I can relate a lot and now I'm all restless at home, and Brotherly Love is just so deep and I was telling Pat after the show that I was reading his lyrics on the way home from DC and listening to the songs at the same time and was on the verge of crying. I honestly did care how lame I sounded and luckily he didn't seem to freaked out. Their set was still great though, I cant hold it against them that they didn't play the songs I could tell that they were tired.

After the show we all went to this awesome veg restaurant that I'm guessing is open 24/7 because we didn't leave the place until about 4 in the AM and they still had people coming in to order. I got the best personal pan cheese peatz I've ever had and shared Paulina's hummus and pita bread with her. On the way home I passed out and Lina couldn't drive anymore so we pulled off somewhere in Bowlengreen, KY and slept in a church parking lot. It was a great night

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