Monday, July 14, 2008

finally home

After nearly 2 months of pick up a go traveling it feels nice to be home, i have a lot of shit to catch up on. DC and VA were awesome though, I went to enough museums and shit to last me all year in a week

day 1; VA
I naturally became addicted to Cindy's bay window

day 2; DC

met up with Andy, went to see the Senate and HoR, had dinner, went on a moonlight tour of the monuments (Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, White House, etc.)

day 3; DC

went to The National Art Museum, and Museum of Natural History

day 4; DC

went to holocaust museum with Andy, went to dinner, did a much needed soak in the hot tub

day 5; VA

went to Mt. Vernon, raged with Hannah at Williamsburg

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