Sunday, June 29, 2008

Massachusetts Jazz

Needless to say, Boston was great.

Picture 1: subway in Cambridge
Picture 2: the lovely city of Boston on the T
Picture 3: in the airplane coming home :(
Picture 4: the fountains at the park on Salem st.
Picture 5: the one and only Gil Sayfan and I in our urban turbanz
Picture 6: at Newbury comics, i rly wanted that stache
Picture 7: beach with Mikey, Chris, and Doug
Picture 8: bubble tea w/ Noel and Erin
Picture 9: red sox game with Doug for $5
Picture 10: blue man group photo, yes hes holding me

In this trip I:

-managed to spend about 3k
-found a new love for dunkin dounuts
-saw old friends
-swam in a lake
-met tons of awesome new people
-went ghost hunting
-helped shell T shirts a fenway park
-totally made killer memories

ahhhhh PA tomorrow morning. wooo

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