Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"I am the papserapzi"

In the words of a drunken Nick Michaelson, aside from him my open house was exeptionally perfect, even considering gas prices being at $4.00/gallon and it becomes rather risky to do anything seemingly fun. I was tossed in my pool with my clothes on by all my friends.

Apparently this is a hot picture of me; I beg to differ. I came out on top with a little under a grand and a half a new XPS (red) laptop- yes this is the fight for aids on- complete with a printer set-up, and a 14k gold Tiffany's jewelry set. All of the "I'm so proud of you"s and "you're so smart"s have gone straight to my head, and I've been a walking ego for the past 27 hours. The party finished hard with marshmallow roasting in the pits and blarage of any pop punk CD that anyone left there owned. Dave showed up twice, which was amazing. There were two mommies there with 2 babies, which was also perfect. Brett and Elise brought 3 little boys in tuxs' and bow ties, srsly cutest thing ever. Not everyone left until like 1 in the morning and I had to wake up at 5 to nanny. Not cool.

Speaking of the nanny job, its been coasting so well. I've been making almost 350$ a week as of late, and I found a way to entertain the kid for HOURS give him a computer. Oh the internet, a new life for the intillectual youth. No pervy, no worries.In T minus 24 hours I will officially be having the time of my life traveling all over America with one of the better people in my life. I will keep you posted as to the eventful journey. Here I come PA, CT, NYC, WA DC, and MD! Bringing the stoke.

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kristin leigh said...

JESUS CHRIST your tits look massive.