Wednesday, May 28, 2008

dear money,

Thanks for all coming to me at once. I like getting "paid" for just being a human. It rules a lot.

Dear new clothes,

Thanks for looking so great on me. You really flatter my figure. Which, happens on rare occasion. You're worth every penny.

Dear awesome nanny job,

Im glad you fell in my lap, it literally was destiny. Now I can pay all my bills, buy gas and STILL have money to blow. Oh, and a make 3x more than Nathan. Beebop wahoo. Haha

Marcie and I were driving downtown lastnight and we were listening to a very touching song, the lyrics were about a girl who lost everything and was going to commit suicide. Then the place that she goes to kill herself there is a boy there and she tells him to move so he can jump. He said no and she asked why? And he told her that ten minutes before she got there he was going to do that same thing and for her to come away with him. Thus, we both rolled up in downtown looking all pretty and crying our eyes out.

Tonight I have no idea what is in store for Paulina and I. My family is coming in from PA tomorrow so tonight I'm determined to let loose before I have to put on the "good girl act."

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