Sunday, November 16, 2008

quiet in the dark

Goodbye to the stale smell of cigarette smoke and smell of patchulli coming from the bathroom. I miss the confinment and escaping reality, shutting out the world for a few days. The laid back and slow pace. The nonchallant laughs and feeling of lazily grazing. One dim light, empty pizza boxes, open strawberries, and an open liquor bottle. All seems too far away for my finger tips, yet I still smell and feel of the morning.

No colors seemed to stand out. As I placed the tears back in my eyes and I looked up to find nothing but bright blue signs and a new feeling of emptiness. I'll keep singing my song, and you'll never know when.

Here I am now. Wrapped in a dark comforter and T-shirt, in my solitude, breathing in the smell of sandalwood and vanilla. Missing the smell of smoke and fresh soap. I shouldn't be too long..

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