Saturday, November 1, 2008

my ideal pizza

leannoftrades (4:41:26 PM): first half: 1 1/3 amount of regularly used pizza sauce with veggies first. black olives, banana peppers, tomatoes. then feta crumbles. then a 1/2 inch of motz. then TONS of p cheese on top. and just a little basil. like im talking to where you can barely taste it. oh, and motz baked onto the crust and garlic butter drizzled on the crust while its baking too
leannoftrades (4:47:06 PM): half two: a cheese sauce instead of reg tomato based pizza sauce, and like an inch of three different kinds of cheezes. im going to say motz, ricotta, and provlone. flatten the crust so its completely covered and then drizzle pepperonchini juice (is that wierd? lol) and mix buffalo sauce and p cheeze together for a dipping sauce

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