Friday, November 7, 2008

the president has a "blog" too!

All part of, launched yesterday. Features an agenda section (listed by priority), transition information, jobs, interactive services, and of course...the blog. Our president-elect is way cool. Pass it on!

Speaking of the pres I feel like a lot of mccain supporters are going into this all wrong and negative. I mean, looking at this from their point of view I would be totally upset if obama didn't win (but, how could he not??) and would probably throw a fit. I would NOT go to some of the extremes I've been seeing though. Ex: there was a yard full of paper obama signs stuck in a yard 2 miles from my school with red X's through his name. Ex 2: lastnight Marcie and I were shopping and her mother and my father called us both saying things about all the awful places our tax money will go, how barack is the anti christ, and all these ridiculous things. Then marcie's mom said she wasent going to help out with Sadie anymore and cutting off her money just because of her opinion when we were just being super sarcastic.

I guess when you live in the midwest with a bunch of close minded people you shouldn't have such high standards. Meh meh meh. He's going to be a great change for the country, but he's not going to be perfect. I'm just afraid people are going to hold him to too high in expectancy and then others are just going to tear him down for every little thing.

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