Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Intial thoughts on the debate

At first I was really not into the debate at all, there wasn't anything entertaining really being said, just two guys bragging. McCain bragging a significant amount more than Obama. Although, there were a few things said that made me laugh.. my favorite being: "..while he was cheerleading the president into war.." made by Barrack Obama. I loled

I was having txt seshes with people about the debate, but I just kept getting pissed the entire time and wouldnt be able to understand McCain half the time because he's so old and doesnt really make THAT much sense anymore. He looked at Obama once, trying to diss his about something and said "I have bad news for you, Mister Obama.. this is a bad news" when he meant to say "the economy is bad" or something like that. I must say that Obama killed with his healthcare speech. So nice, and McCain basically knew that he lost lastnight.

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