Friday, October 3, 2008

don't mean to talk politics

It's just getting to be too much for me..Indiana's registration deadline is Monday, October 6th. You can help us reach our voter registration goal. We are 85% of the way there, with only three days left.Monday is the last day to register!

You can register here: VoteForChange. com as well as check your registration status, request an absentee ballot, and find your voting location or polling place.Every vote is important, and in three days it'll be too late for many voices to be heard on Election Day. Obama needs all the votes he can get, if you don't vote you'll just be a waste.

Let's make our 44th pres Barack Obama! McCain is old and moldy. Oh, and stupid. He graduated in the bottom 10 of his class. Obama, on the other hand, graduated from Harvard and isn't in this for the wrong reasons. McCain agrees with 90% of Bush's actions, if you're looking for change(the good kind) then helphelpehlp! Oh, and if you weren't watching the vp debates lastnight then you should probably check it below. Palin is a moron, and a hypocrite.

Sry, don't mean to rant.

Even as sure of herself as she seems, check her facts. Slander and lies and half the time she starts her rants sarcastically and smiles the while time Joe Biden is talking. Her accent sucks.Repost this if you're down

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