Monday, September 22, 2008

sleep txts

Apparently lastnight I was sleep texting a mass amount of people. Jason, paulina, nick, and a few others. I feel like such an idiot because I was making no sense and I vaguely remember these convos, but this was by far the funniest:

Ryan Groat: What kind of powers do u possess?
Leann Marie: Oh I'm a godess
Leann Marie: Don't you know???
Ryan Groat: O rly?
Leann Marie: Mhmm
Leann Marie: I don't like to talk about it
Leann Marie: Then everyone wants to be my friend for all the wrong reasons
Ryan Groat: Haha
Ryan Groat: I want to win the lottery?
Ryan Groat: Can u help me out?
Leann Marie: See, ryan
Leann Marie: Now that's what I'm talking about
Ryan Groat: I'm sorry
Ryan Groat: Ur powers don't mean anything to me then
Ryan Groat: ;)
Leann Marie: Hahah oh wuteviez
Leann Marie: You're a bad liar
Ryan Groat: Haha
Ryan Groat: Wuteviez
Ryan Groat: What's new in leannworld?

There was more but it was me talking about loving black people.

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