Sunday, September 21, 2008

funeral or fly

I guess I'll spread my wings, I'm coming home to you.

There is no polite way to go around avoiding a burial, or death. In all fairness, the way you live represents the outcome of people that surround you or remember you when you're gone. You begin to realize this around half way through your life. For those who don't realize this end up just like you. I'm sorry, truly sorry. I know it will be an empty room. I know there will be no tears. I know that for most people there it will be just one big attention party or freakish reunion. The fact that there was so much time between those days makes it all the more harder. You aren't that fresh in my head, actually you aren't even in my head. For some reason I never thought about this happening to you. You and reality just never seemed to cross paths in my head.

So I'm choosing to fly. I'm coming home to you

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