Saturday, August 9, 2008

Swamp thing/Letdown/War Hungry

The show last night was mostly funny more than anything. Starting with me getting out of class late because I stayed after to help Danielle catch up on points for class, she did my hair in these huge curls and did my make-up like I was going to prom. So then Mike and the rest of letdown show up at my house and I'm wearing a white t-shirt, grandpa khaki shorts, old vans, and from my neck up I probably look like a hooker or something. I proceed to make spaghetti, cake, and chai tea while we all watched the simpsons and family guy until we had to leave for the show. On the way there my hair was blowing all over the place so Bob gave me a hat to wear that said "I'm high on WEED CALIFORNIA" best hat ever. Also, Drew started telling me a story about when he was in elementary school and went to the bahamas and came back with braids in his hair and beads in his bangs in Jamacian colors, on a seperate occasion dressing up like levi strauss in a dunce cap and crying in front of the class giving a presentation. I almost pissed myself laughing

Before the show there was a van full of about 12-15 dudes with the heat on playing rave music and moshing, quite the sight LOL. During the show the sets were all pretty cool and were actually shortish, but the show did get started literally until 9. After the show we got free hot box pizzza and everyone made fun of the girl that owned the house because she was super drunk and were all telling her to have sex with a gay guy. I did not partake in this. On the way home I made Mike let me pick the songs and obvi they were all killers songs. I passed out watching blood diamond on the phone with Andy and everyone else fell asleep watching Joe Dirt hahahahah. I had to get up at 5 to nanny and let the dudes sleep and brought Shawn back over to my house around 9 and we played ps2 until everyone woke up. Then everyone started making fun of Shawn being a pervert and he totally went along with it saying things like "I'm coming", "I need you to help me out, Leann", "I'm going to finish last" while we were playing a motocross game (mind you this kid JUST turned 7). I t was so awkward after everyone left.

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