Monday, August 25, 2008

Do not over use

Something other than lyrics to get into, these little sayings will be hopefully updated

1. Words like waves only have the power we grant them. They are many-layered things. Energy flows through all, but rests in none.

2. One wave cannot speak for the sea, any more than one feeling can make a woman, any more than one fall can break a man.

3. Stray thoughts that find homes usually overstay their welcome.

4. Water has the power to move objects, to reflect, and to cleanse, but little more. Have respect, but do not lend your power unduly, for she has no mind with which to wield it.

5. Sometimes when you're swept off your feet, it's because a rug has been pulled out from under you.

6. Everyone should date a crazy person or two and should also be the crazy person at least once. You learn a lot.

7. Feeling joy for others based on their criteria, not yours, is a skill you only learn by letting go of your bullshit. But learning to let go of that standard frees you up to enjoy a lot of things you suck at doing.

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