Monday, August 4, 2008

shark week is over

such a bum out

(click picture to enlarge)

in other news:

today was the first day of beauty college, it went swimmingly. No this isn't a pun on the fact that in the picture above I am suppose to be a shark. I had to cut hair the first day though and got the "not bad at all" after sweating to death wondering if I had done everything correctly and successfully mastered the 0 degree/ blunt cut. Oh and Shelby is in the same class as me and I had no idea, so siked. There are a few randoms that I would rather not have in the class, but for the most part all the girls are awesome and sooo funny

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kristin leigh said...

i told you you'd cut hair the first day! and yes....those weird rando girls that you normal would NEVER dream of speaking to come with the territory of the xbeautxinstitutex haha. ilu.