Sunday, June 21, 2009

on this new moon

A) I'm no longer a single mama sita, we made real life and clever documentation of this on a digital recorder projecting beauty of the entire night. Dressed in a silk dress and he in a suit.

B) Adventures commensed, including: an appropriate lunch of sushi for my stomach of el lobo and/or el oso, Afe Ricah where flowers were picked, le bridge to terabithia documentation (in doing so we cracked open a bottle of wine open and burnt our throats in celebration), bear hell (to see the blanket monster and other exquisate faces), and the hookah bar for some visiting time with my favorite sierrian and some double-apple trouble with my shoog

C) For the summer solstace and as well as mine and Blake's 48 hour celebration of being all-out exclusive we went swimming with a vodka bottle and some of his family. I, in turn, "broke my nose" while simutaniously swimming elegantly and carrying Blake around with water when my alpha female tendancies kicked in with the most beautiful human alive. Afterwards, my most recent book purchase had come in the mail and we scoped out "house of leaves" while laying in bed together.

D) Now I am laying here watching him sleep all pretty, while I am his bobber typing a novel. This happens on occassion. Quite often honestly. He was suppose to sing to me Friday night and I fell asleep on a full tummy of za and cinammon roll cake. So he sang to me anyways for 3 hours, as I slept.

Simplified, I am in love. Generously. Willingly. Inevidably.


The penetrating Scorpion is usually a very good match for the discriminating Virgin, whether the relationship is romantic, family, friend, or business related. Scorpio presents a deep and mysterious challenge for you to analyze, keeping your interest piqued. In turn, Scorpio respects your integrity and commitment, which inspires his or her loyalty. Because Virgo, the Virgin, is an Earth Sign and Scorpio, the Scorpion, is a Water Sign, when the two of you are in balance, you can create a very rich and healing environment. Pluto-ruled Scorpio is interested in regeneration and will share your enthusiasm for working toward greater mental and physical health. You also admire each other's minds. Virgo is logical, intellectual and analytical, while Scorpio is imaginative, visionary and perceptive. Scorpio is a natural detective and you have an eye for detail, making you an investigative team that is hard to beat. This can also be a very passionate relationship as Scorpio inspires sublime passion in you.

Building a family or business together will be second nature for you... when the two of you have shared goals, you can accomplish just about anything you desire. Your sensual Scorpio lover will entice you into ever bolder sexual adventures, but this is not to be feared because Scorpio is also possessive and fiercely loyal, which makes you feel loved and protected. This combination is generally compatible and usually works well. As long as both of you are making the effort to manifest your most positive individual potentials, you can be very successful in personal relationships and as a team.

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