Monday, March 23, 2009

how to measure time?

The thought of growing old scares the fuck out of me. Losing my facial characteristics. Being lonely. In a desolate home that smells of stale air. I don't want to be the old woman who is lost in time. With no sequence of events to look back on. No concept of the chronilogical order her life took place in.

Its scary stuff.

I've seen one too many fucked up minds create this happen through a lense. It makes me think that the idea of life and living has been evaluated from the stand point of sad and alone one too many times. But isn't it easier to just be sad rather than happy? And aren't we all inevidably alone in the end? The thought of never finding a true love is also a realistic fear of mine. Especially when I have so much love to give.

Its all just time.
Just time ticking away.

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jdisaportal said...

do what you love and regret nothing.

someone so awesome will have a pretty hard time ending up this way, i'd imagine.