Sunday, December 21, 2008

more going ons.. goings on? goings ons?

Wednesday we had a field trip in class instead of having a regular day at beauty college we took it to the malls and went shopping at sephora and various salons in the mall. I got all of my Christmas shopping done and literally had about 7 full sized bags full of presents. I looked so ridiculous. Everyone in the mall just sort of stared at me as I walked out of the mall surprised that as little as I was I could carry everything that I bought. Afterwards, we all went to Olive Garden and got the private dining room. We then proceeded to create a dance made of of moves from hairstyling techniques. Ask me and I'll show you.

Thursday was an interesting day to say the least.. I was driving in to class and on my way out of my neighborhood there was a huge van that must have slid on the ice and smashed into the back of a parked white mini van. Which I was almost too busy looking at the mutilated mini van to see that the cop was laying on his back holding his head like he was about to have a concussion or something. Then out of nowhere 4 cop cars come to save this one cop who fell on the ice. It was pretty crazy. I'm pretty sure that 9 times out of 10 that we get ice in my neighborhood it will be salted. Ha.

Friday I decided to try and grasp a larger appreciation for things that I already have. So I drove to school with my windows down to appreciate the heat in my car. My friend Mike (a true edgeman) pulled up next to me not knowing what to think. He rolled his windows down and just laughed at me.. I found it strange that of all people to pull up next to me on the road, at the one stop light that I hit, it would be him because I wouldnt think it was strange what I was doing. Anyone else would. I hadn't eaten 24 hours prior to lunch either. It was an intense day.

Yesterday I woke up early and took Hannah and myself downtown to volunteer at the Julian Center. I wasn't really fully prepared and had no idea what I was to expect. It ended up being a huge eye opener and I've decided to go back on Monday and become a regular volunteer. Some of the things the kids asked for on their wishlists are just pitiful. They're basic essentials that I take for granted every single day and so next Tuesday at school we've decided to run a rally raising money and closing of the doors to clients and having a student service day for toys for tots and the Julian center. I am way beyond siked about this. Then I went to Maggianos at keystone at the crossing and stuffed my face with amazing italian food.

Last night we had our secret Santa gift exchange last night at Bucca's downtown. It was quite the sight. There were more than 40 of us there laughing and being annoying to the rest of the restaurant. Afterwards, I went to this wild party that had a lot of familar faces that I didnt expect to see there from highschool. Some of the costumes were out of this world. One dude that I didnt know had a present box around his package and was dressed as an elf, he was suppose to be a "dick-in-a-box." Another guy had a long tinsel christmas tree and then two huge blue ornaments underneath attached to the front of his pants with a tag that said:


i loled.

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