Thursday, April 2, 2009


Dear Karma,

Do I suck that bad? As you may know already sometime I think that life hates me. That there is really something special about me to pick on. Yesterday I got my window busted out of my car on the back drivers side. The bandits got away with my entire kit for school. Oh, but why stop there, right? They had to further ruin my life by taking my suitcase, which had all of my major possessions. Including: favorite clothes, hair products, jewelry, shoes, belts, etc. I mean I even had clothes in the bag that had the tags on them. Also the one thing that I never wanted to lose, a book of runes that was a gift from Blake and I only got to enjoy and love themfor a mere weekend. SO now I'm out my materials for school, clothes, and left with a shattered window and dignity.

Now my window is covered in duct tape and looks totally class. The only thing there is a constant crinkling in my ear anytime I get above 30 mph and is a constant reminder of how much I was to kill someone. I was just wondering if you could tone it down a little so that I don't have a panic attack?

Thanks for listening,

Just in case you need proof:

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jdisaportal said...

i was watching poker on espn once a few years ago and i heard this saying
"when you're lucky in (like), you're unlucky in everything else."