Thursday, January 22, 2009

i'm not a ladies man, i'm a landmine
filming my own fake death
under an '88 cavalier i go
but-but-but-but nothing but the rear bumper's blown
but i's born for this flight, united 955 on the fifth of july
back the s over y
i join the dark side
in a thin disguise
on consumer grade video at night
faking suicide for applause
in the food courts of malls
and cursing racing horses on tiered steps
playing the wall at singles bingo
all time gringo did anyone hear me cry there
through a toilet stall divider
i swear i care, raw

i am an example of a calculated birth
two a star chart for clowns, im not
under robin eggs in a nest, you hit a manila
envelope with one last little robin's egg in it

a hollow bullet yet spentsubject to dismissal
i wish all my pitfalls
could be called my miscalls

cherie-a cherie-e cherie-i cherie-o cherie-u