Friday, January 2, 2009

new years eve and day

Bloomington was a good choice. yay for perfect parties and perfect new years kisses. I woke up the next morning to the room spinning and remembering that it was the greatest new years ever. Worst hangover ever. No big deal. I walked downstairs to people using towels as blankets and a stuffed winnie the pooh as a pillow. When I was fully awake everyone in the house decided to go to qdoba, which ended up being closed. In fact, everything in downtown bloomington was closed. We went to fazolis and Jeremy wore my socks that light up while he drove his car that has a ridiculous amount of peachy peach air fresheners. All I really wanted was chocolate nachos though. I passed out on the entire ride home while Kyle drove listening to A.A. Bondy.

I took what seemed to be like the shortest nap ever when I got home and drove to Brandon and Kristin's to help Noel watch Ev. I sware to god their house is haunted. It's whatever though it was nice seeing Kristin and Noel. I needed a relaxing night like that. We all just watched The Darjeeling Limited and hung out eating veggie fries. Kristin got me the cutest christmas present ever. Its a little boutique friendship candle with soy wax on printed glass. Was much needed.

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