Wednesday, January 14, 2009

lessons learned

I have a lot less "friends" than I thought, but more than enough to keep me happy.

Today I learned a very valueable lesson. Transitioning into being beauty school seniors is the time when we all start to get knit-picky and dramatic. If one person serves to be a negative energy source other girls just feed off of it. With that being said today we had our usual wednesday morning meeting and all the girls in the room said enough hurtful things about our instructor to make even the careless of people upset. Needless to say she came in the room crying. I tried to cheer her up and listened to what she was saying, did exactly as I was told, and just tried to make her happy. Other girls were just quite simply doing the opposite. It really made me see how many people act up for attention and how many people buy into that and start to follow it. It blows my mind how you really are never "out of highschool."

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